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Monday Morsel of Lily & Justin Are Getting Married ~ Wk 5 #amwriting #romancereaders #RomCom #Books

Yay! It's Monday again. Time to chill out for a minute with this week's Monday Morsel of Lily & Justin Are Getting Married.

Lily & Justin Are Getting Married 

~ Monday Morsel ~
Week 5
(Life is perfect ... until the wedding plans begin!)

© Monique DeVere 2013
Crystal Swan Publications
All Rights Reserved

The hall wasn’t drafty, but it wasn’t as warm as the kitchen where they usually congregated. As he knew she would, Faith shepherded them to the kitchen. 
Bright and welcoming in shades of pistachio, avocado, taupe, and yellow, the multi-tone blend bathed the heart of the Harper house in colour and warmth, invited hours of fun conversation around the breakfast table. 
Two pairs of eyes focused on Lily. Ken raised the champagne bottle, while handing Faith the flowers as Lily and Justin pulled out chairs and sat at the table. 
"Is this for a celebration? Or shall I put it in the fridge until we have something to celebrate?"
"You can open it, Dad." Lily reached for Justin's hand across the table, closed icy fingers around his.
For a woman claiming to be excited about their news, she certainly frowned a lot.
"Well?" Faith unwrapped the flowers, stared over her shoulder as she blindly reached for one of the vases she kept in the cupboard beside the large fridge. "Are you going to tell us? Or keep us in suspense?"
Lily glanced at him and ... hesitated? 

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Monique's Monday Morsel ~ Wk 4 #amwriting #romancereaders #RomCom

Lily & Justin Are Getting Married 

~ Monday Morsel ~
Week 4
(Life is perfect ... until the wedding plans begin!)

© Monique DeVere 2013
Crystal Swan Publications
All Rights Reserved

Julie tossed her head back and laughed. “I can totally imagine you on the slopes.” She made the swish-swish motion of a pretend skier.
Lily joined in the laughter as she lowered herself onto her cream leather high back executive chair. “If you picture me sliding head first down a half diamond slope, you’d be bang on.”
“I would have paid good money to see that.”
Julie dropped onto a chair in front of Lily’s desk. “So, I’m waiting.”
Lily unzipped her laptop bag and extracted her tablet and keyboard case. “For what?”
She withstood Julie's intense scrutiny for several seconds as she offloaded her paraphernalia from the bag.
“Oh my goodness!” Julie sprang forward. “Why didn’t I guess straight away? It makes perfect sense now I think about it." She swept her arms in a dramatic arc through mid air. "The glow ... the blissful smile ... the pretending not to know what I’m talking about. You’re pregnant!”

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Congrats To Both My Weekend Winners! #ebooks #Romance #Giveaway

Thank you everyone who entered this weekend's Giveaway for the chance to win 1 of 2 Ebook copies of Let's Pretend. We have two winners!

Huge congrats to both my winners. You will each receive a personalised autographed copy of Let's Pretend. You'll discover who you are via email! J

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Win one of two #ebook copies of LET'S PRETEND this weekend! #Readers #RomCom #Romance

I have a Giveaway over at Sammie's Book Club this weekend! 

All you need to do to be in the running to win 1 of 2 ebook copies of Let's Pretend is enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway on Sammie's Book Club, for book lovers on Facebook. Click to ENTER. The Giveaway ends on Sunday night.

Good luck!

* ~*~ *

True love needs no pretence

When A&E trauma surgeon, Dr. Isobel Murphy, married sexy Irish firefighter, Lucas Delaney, she knew it was going to be forever. Unfortunately, she didn’t realise forever would only last five short years. 

Keeping her failed marriage from her family seems like a piece of cake, until her grandmother calls a family gathering and Belle suspects she’s about to announce a critical illness. Making excuses for Luc’s absence, she flies home to Connecticut. Then delicious Lucas arrives for the three-day get-together and Belle knows things are going to get dicey. Especially since he still has the power to make her heart miss a beat, and her stomach bottom out. 

When Belle asks him to pretend they’re still deeply in love, Luc doesn’t have a problem. He sees an opportunity to reclaim the love of his life. And he goes all out to remind Belle how it used to be between them, before long work hours and clashing schedules invaded their marriage. What he needs to know though, is, once the pretence is over, will Belle be applying for her decree absolute? Or will they be renewing wedding vows?

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Monique DeVere Has A New Facebook Author Page! Would love 'Likes' #Readers #Romance #RomCom

I have a new Facebook Author Page!

I can't begin to tell you guys the nightmare I've lived through the last three years. Praise God, all is perfect now and life is looking so bright for the future. If you've never had an extremely ill child, you can't know the awful, debilitating sadness it brings to your life. 

As a result, you can imagine how my writing career got shoved aside while I dealt with what I needed to, to ensure my little girl's full recovery. All is well, now, and I'm back to focusing on building my writing career. I've got a couple book out under consideration and, if you read this blog on a Monday, you'll know I'm currently working on a new book.

Here is where you come in. 

I've created a Facebook Author Page, and I'd love it if you would pop over and 'Like' it. There you'll be kept up to date with my books, enter draws for FREEBIES, get autographed books and anything else I feel would be fun to do.

Click HERE to go to Monique DeVere facebook author page.  I can't wait to see you there :)

Thank you so much for your support!

Love & hugs x   

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Monique's Monday Morsel ~ Wk 3 #amwriting #romancereaders #RomCom

It's Monday again and time for this week's Monday Morsel from Lily & Justin Are Getting Married, the sequel to More Than Friends.

Thank you everyone who so kindly interacted with me last week! I heart Y you!!! 

Here is this week's morsel. Hope you enjoy it and please don't forget to say "hi" below.


Lily & Justin Are Getting Married 

~ Monday Morsel ~
Week 3
(Life is perfect ... until the wedding plans begin!)

© Monique DeVere 2013
Crystal Swan Publications
All Rights Reserved

“We haven’t even told our parents yet.” Lily let her lips trail his newly shaved jaw, breathed in his light aftershave. “We can’t just up and leave without giving them an opportunity to share the day with us.”
They were supposed to be getting ready to go out to dinner with the others. But as she’d grown to accept, Justin’s insatiable appetite for her made them late for everything. 
“Okay, we’ll tell our parents.” He lightly clasped Lily’s upper arms and held her so she met his uneasy gaze. “But don’t be surprised if my mum tries to take over.”
Lily smiled, fizzing with love and confidence. “Don’t worry. I can handle your mum.”
Justin’s chuckle was full of doubt. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Lil.”
She had no worries.
She and Justin were getting married and they’d have the exact wedding they wanted. She welcomed that both their mums would want to help plan the wedding. After all, she was her parents’ only child and Justin was a first-born. Of course, the mums would be excited about the nuptials. But ultimately the day belonged to Lily and Justin and they’d have their perfect day.

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Pull Up A Chair With Mon Blog Series. Let's Talk About: Asking/Paying For Reviews #Authors #Writers #Blog

Asking/Paying For Reviews

A while back, this was a big discussion amongst many author groups. While many authors vary in their opinion and level of sheer gumption of how far they’re willing to travel down the road of dishonesty to sell their books, I think many are missing one simple fact.

I don’t see the point of having my “friends” say something nice about my books just because I smile, say pretty please and they like me enough not to want to hurt my feelings. I’ve had one or two requests for reviews on books I really couldn’t bring myself to give. I consider myself an honest person and one who has a code of honour. I can’t in all honesty say wonderful things about a book when I just deleted it off my Kindle because it was a waste of valuable megabyte space.

It’s all well and good to snag yourself a bucket load of 5* (star) reviews, but have you thought beyond the initial—My-book-has-a-trillion-5*-reviews?

What happens once all the 5* reviews do the job you hoped they would, and increase book sales? What happens when real readers read your amazing can’t-dare-put-it-down-and-go-to-sleep book?  

Personally, I think every author is entitled to conduct his/her business as she sees fit. However, I would never go that route to obtain reviews because there’s one thing most authors forget—and this is the fact I mentioned above—you can fool SOME of the people SOME of the time, but you can't fool ALL of the people ALL of the time.

What do I mean by this?

It’s all well and good to get favoured-reviews by friends or by payment, or nice-nice exchange. You know the ones I mean: you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours—wink-wink ;)

But the public will then purchase, and read, your fantastic book on the strength of those reviews. Impartial, she reads your book and decides for herself if the reviews are true. If the book doesn't stand up to her preconceived expectations, she will do one of three things.

1. Give you an awful review, in which she warns other readers that the reviews aren’t true reflections of the book. (I've seen this several times).


2. Never purchase another book by the author. She feels betrayed and let down by the reviewers, the author, and the book.


3. Do both of the above, but make waves (troll) until she feels satisfied.

Like I said, you can only fool someone once. Imagine if tons of 5* reviews came from friends, or readers who were cajoled in some way and feel obligated to say something nice about the book. Or from paid reviews, plus one or two 3* or 4* independent reviews. Other readers will go ahead and buy the book. If they hate it, they will never purchase another book you write. Eventually, in order to sell again, you’d have to change your name. :)

This is only my opinion and a worst case scenario. I guess ultimately, the author needs to decide if her book is indeed fab enough to withstand the weight and expectations of all the 
5* reviews.

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The Wait: Seven Weeks And Counting... #Romance @MillsandBoon #Books #HarlequinKISS

It's now been seven weeks since I emailed my partial of Sexiest Eye Candy To Lust After to Harlequin Mills & Boon. 

I was fine to wait the 24 weeks they advise, until someone mentioned that one of her friends heard back within seven weeks! You can imagine now I've hit the seven week mark, I've started writing my latest WIP with one eye on my Inbox. 

I keep telling myself it's unlikely I'd hear so soon. 

Why doesn't that assurance work??

On one hand, I like the wait because it gives me a chance to finish the two projects I'm working on, then possibly have a second finished MS for the KISS line by the time I hear back on the partial of Sexiest Eye Candy

The flip side is that I'd love to hear quickly so I haven't got a polished MS sitting on my hard drive collecting cyber dust-bunnies. You would think the pressure of getting out two new MSs would keep me too busy to Inbox watch, wouldn't you?


I'm a seasoned Inbox Watcher, me. Day and night my email Inbox is on full stalk alert. And the great thing is the new Yahoo email auto-refresh so I don't have to waste time doing the job. 

I'd like to say I'm not chewing my nails and drinking way too much tea, but sadly that is the place I'm at. I'll let you know the outcome of my sub as soon as I know.

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Monique's Monday Morsel ~ Wk 2 #amwriting #romancereaders #RomCom

It's Monday again and time for this week's Monday Morsel of Lily & Justin Are Getting Married.

Thank you everyone who so kindly interacted with me last week and for all the birthday well wishes--here, privately and on Face Book. I treasure your support.

Here is this week's morsel. Hope you enjoy it and please don't forget to say "hi" below.


Lily & Justin Are Getting Married 

~ Monday Morsel ~
Week 2
(Life is perfect ... until the wedding plans begin!)

© Monique DeVere 2013
Crystal Swan Publications
All Rights Reserved

He removed the engagement ring from its nest, held it out to Lily who offered him her left hand. He took her trembling hand in his steady grasp and positioned the ring at the tip of her third finger. 
Lily held her breath, heard Mel’s low murmur of awe. 
Sandy’s, “This is so romantic.” 
And just as the ring approached her second knuckle a snowboarder whisked past them, spewing a tidal wave of snow over Lily and Justin.
“Watch it!” Cam shouted after the snowboarder who was too far away to notice, or care, that he’d just ruined Justin’s proposal.
All the while Justin stared at Lily open-mouthed.
When Lily got over the initial shock, she gasped. The sudden arc of snow pelting over them had jolted her and she’d knocked the ring out of Justin’s hand. It was now somewhere in the snow between them.
“Don’t anyone move!” She hardly dared to breathe in case it somehow buried the ring further into the snow.


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Pull Up a Chair With Mon. Let's Talk About: Character Emotion vs Reader Emotion #amwriting #Writetip #blog #writers


“It’s not about what happens to people on a page; it’s about what happens to a reader in his heart and mind.”~Gordon Lish

I agree with Gordon wholeheartedly. While we as readers enjoy reading about people we like to feel something. It is the author’s job to fulfill that longing in his/her reader. Character emotion does not equate to reader emotion.

If a character laughs in a novel I’m reading, it doesn’t make me laugh. It simply points to the fact that the character finds something funny. However, if the character does something that tickles me, I’ll be sure to giggle.

If you are relatively new to writing you might be wondering how do we, as writers, engage our readers emotionally?

I would say visceral reactions are the answer.

Surprise your reader. Make her curious, get her involved enough to become interested in what will happen next. Encourage her to anticipate what the character’s subsequent action might be. Get her excited, make her fear the worse, ramp up the tension, make her laugh, amuse her, make her empathize with your characters, fascinate her, intrigue her, give her hope and make her care.

But most of all entertain her! You do that, and chances are she won’t be able to put down your book. She might even find it unforgettable.

It is not enough to hope that by making your character laugh, cry, get mad, that your reader would experience the same emotion. Because your character is scared doesn’t make the reader scared. To draw the reader’s reaction we must tug at their visceral emotions.

Visceral emotions are the emotions/feelings you wish your reader to experience while reading your story. The ones you experience when reading a good book. The ones I mentioned above.

Ernest Hemingway said something that many new writers don’t realise. “When you have learned to write for the reader, it’s no longer easy to write.”~Ernest Hemingway.

As a teen, I remember when I first started writing, I found it so easy to bash out a story. I had nothing to consider except my own entertainment. Writing seemed effortless and I fell in love with everything I wrote. Then the rejections started flooding in and I soon learned the fundamentals of creating a story. All the rules, techniques, and craft of storytelling. Then it wasn’t so easy to dash off a story anymore. I now had to consider the reader. Examine every word and scene to ensure it comes over smoothly for my reader. That she might experience emotion and entertainment when she reads my book.

The last thing I wanted was to fall prey to the thing Larry Niven warns about: “The reader is entitled to be entertained, instructed, amused, maybe all three. If he quits in the middle feeling his time has been wasted, you’re in violation.”~Larry Niven

Give your characters compelling conflicts, make them change and grow. Use subtext, set up and reveal, back-story (filtered in, not info dumped J), give your characters traits, flaws, motivations, wounds and goals.

This biz is about delivering emotion and woe to us who forget that fact!

Here is your mission should you wish to accept it: evoke strong, vivid emotions in your readers! Take them on a roller-coaster ride of emotional ups-and-downs, the pull/push of tension and release. In other words, give her a memorable experience!

I leave you with this quote from Paul O’Neil as inspiration. Like any great piece of writing, it’s very evocative:

“Always grab the reader by the throat in the first paragraph, send your thumbs into his windpipe in the second, and hold him against the wall until the tagline.” ~Paul O’Neil

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Monique's Monday Morsel ~ Wk 1 #amwriting #romancereaders

So I promised my readers a weekly morsel of Lily & Justin Are Getting Married, starting on my birthday--TODAY! Yay!!

Each Monday, I shall give a morsel of the story as I go along. I hope you enjoy glimpses of Lily & Justin's follow-up story. We first met the couple in More Than Friends. Now we're revisiting them to see what happens next.

I'd really love to interact with you, so please let me know what you think of each Monday's Morsel in the comments section below. Please don't leave without at least saying hello :).

Lily & Justin Are Getting Married 

~ Monday Morsel ~
Week 1
(Life is perfect ... until the wedding plans begin!)


Life with Justin Knight is fantastic. Lily Harper couldn’t have chosen a more wonderful man. He’s attentive, charming, and successful, and he loves her as much as she loves him. He even proposes on a ski slope in the French Alps.

So what’s the problem?

Nothing about their wedding plans is as Lily imagined. For starters, she hasn’t factored in the possibility of Justin’s mother hijacking the wedding, or Justin’s former girlfriend turning up to make a play for him. Soon, everything Lily holds dear starts to unravel and her old insecurities and doubts return to plague her. 

Justin can’t believe his luck in finding a woman like Lily, or that he got her to agree to marry him. Things couldn’t be more ideal...until the wedding plans begin, and he discovers a secret that could change everything. 


Chapter 1
© Monique DeVere 2013
Crystal Swan Publications
All Rights Reserved

There was nothing ladylike about the tumble Lily Harper took. 

Perhaps if she’d listened to Justin’s instructions, rather than gawp at him like a love-struck snow bunny, she would now have the skills she needed to control her skis on the slope without pitching headfirst down the snow-covered hill. 

It wasn’t her life that flashed before her eyes, as she plummeted down the Alpine ski slope, it was her romance with Justin. Theirs had started with complications. When they first met, Justin had been dating her best friend, and she’d been in a relationship, too, yet it hadn’t stopped the spark of attraction between them. An attraction they’d both ignored until the night they were single and she’d gotten drunk, catch a cab to his swanky apartment, and offered to bop him on the nose for dumping her friend.


Do come back for the next Monday Morsel instalment. 

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Sexiest Eye Candy To Lust After Is Done! #amwriting #romance #millsandboon #harlequinbooks

I know, I'm THE worst blogger. I've been deep in my writing cave the last little while and I'm happy to report that I've finished writing Sexiest Eye Candy To Lust After!!! Yah--happy dance ...

The partial is with Harlequin Mills & Boon. I haven't heard from them yet. Not that I expect to receive a reply this side of 2014 :). But it feels good to have something out there after months of a rough patch in my personal life. However, I shall keep you posted on any news I receive from Mills & Boon.  

Now that I've finished Ethan and Karis's story, I need to get back to the countless projects I have on the go. One of them being the continuation of Lily and Justin's story. Remember them? The couple from More Than Friends. I feel bad for making all of you wait this long, but I promise to crack on with it very soon. Get ready because I plan to blog story snippets of Lily & Justin's follow-up story as I write it--beginning on my Birthday (December 2nd). That should keep me accountable! :D

Just a little thank you for your patience, guys.

Until next time, much love & hugs xox

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane/

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Back In The Saddle! And Chasing The Harlequin @MillsandBoon Dream Again With A New Romance

Okay, I have a dirty little secret. I love Harlequin Mills & Boon novels, have done since age thirteen when my mum left one she was reading unattended and it intrigued me enough to start me reading them. Back then, the books followed only the heroine's POV and all the good stuff stayed firmly behind the bedroom door.

Things have come a long way since then, but the books still offer that special type of feel-good escapism, which I love!

On and off over the years, I've tried to crack the HMB market, managed to come close, but gave up too soon I think. Although I resisted the yearning, telling myself I'll never manage to become a Harlequin Mills & Boon author, the hunger never really left me. 

So I'm at it again. 

I've started a new manuscript, which I aim to finish ASAP and submit to Harlequin Mills & Boon's KISS/Modern Tempted line. This fun, flirty series feels right for me, so please wish me luck!

The story I'm working on is entitled Sexiest Eye Candy To Lust After. It features two sexy, funny characters involved in some spicy, yet emotional, scenes.

This is my new hero: Ethan Stone, he's a TV weight-loss coach.

And this is my heroine Dr Karis Van de Burke, she's a cosmetic surgeon

Take one super-hunky TV weight-loss celebrity, one love-rejected cosmetic surgeon, a little guilty pleasure, and the consequences of one-night could prove shattering.

I just love starting new projects. Especially when they feature hot, hunky heroes like my new hero, Ethan Stone. I can't wait for you to get to know him, he's charming, candid, compassionate, persuasive and generous. 

My heroine, Karis Van de Burke gives him a run for his cheeky money. She's smart, empathetic and wholesome with a bad-girl steak. Unfortunately she has one fatal flaw--she runs! Yep, my girl can run a marathon, but she runs fastest when she's running away from the first hint of rejection!

Karis wants a one-night stand but what she really needs is a man who'll always be there. Ethan, on the other hand, only ever does casual, disposable relationships. What he needs, though, is a woman he can trust. 

Is it possible they might eventually find what they need in each other? I can't wait to find out, can you?

Just to whet your appetite, here's a taster in the form of blurb:

Super-hunky, weight-loss celebrity Ethan Stone brings out Dr. Karis Van de Burke’s inner bad-girl. To prove it, when Ethan accepts the challenge to persuade the sassy, love-rejected cosmetic surgeon to appear as a guest on his show, she ends up inviting him into her bed for one night of guilty pleasure instead.

Used to women throwing themselves at him boobs first, Ethan knows his way around every female erogenous zone, but the sizzling chemistry he has with Karis blindsides him. Soon he’s convincing her to extend their one-night to another...and another...and...

Karis can’t resist! Yet, if Ethan discovers her secret, he’ll ditch her as fast as her ex-fiancé had – but really, what could go wrong in a one-week, tangle-free, affair?

(photos purchased from Shutterstock)   

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MORE THAN A PLAYBOY Is #FREE For 5 Days! #Romance #SecretIdentity #KindleFreebie #FreeEbooks #KindleFree

Last weekend I gave you LET'S PRETEND. This weekend, and until Wednesday 8th May, I'm giving you MORE THAN A PLAYBOY!

Grab your FREE copy from Amazon!

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#Romantic #Comedy LET'S PRETEND is #FREE from Friday-Sunday #KindleFreebie #KindleFree

I'm happy to share the news that my second chance romantic comedy LET'S PRETEND is FREE on Kindle all this weekend! 

Grab your FREE copy from Amazon!

Don’t have a Kindle? Not to worry, Amazon has FREE Kindle reading Apps which you can easily download and install on your laptop, PC or iPod. You can then download and read Kindle books on your device. Here’s a link to Amazon’s app download site where you can download FREE reading apps for your chosen device.

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DIVORCE ETIQUETTE Has Been Released in #Greek on #iTunesBooks #eBooks #Romance #iPhone #iPad #iPodTouch

Happy Monday!

A while back I shared the news that my contemporary romance, Divorce Etiquette had been chosen by my publishers for translation to Greek. Well I'm ecstatic to announce that it's now on sale!!! I'm so excited about my first translation, I'm squeaking and you don't even have to squeeze me :D.

I just wanted to share the news and show you the new Greek cover, which I love.  

Divorce Etiquette is on iTunes just waiting to be downloaded. Here is the link if you fancy a peek: Μαθήματα Διαζυγίου by Monique DeVere on iTunes.

And if you fancy reading it in English, here is the amazon link: Divorce Etiquette AND for The Wild Rose Press.

They're breaking every rule of divorce etiquette! 

Sometimes, a whirlwind marriage doesn’t lead to happily-ever-after…Nor does a quickie divorce.

Turnaround expert Andrew Boston can turn any failing business into a huge success, but he couldn’t fix his marriage. A family tragedy left Andrew unable to commit to fatherhood, but he can’t let Michelle walk away. He’s determined to win her back and prove a relationship between the two of them can work perfectly well without bringing children into the equation…

Corporate lawyer Michelle Boston divorced Andrew two and a half years ago—and for good reason. She learnt a whirlwind marriage did not mean happily-ever-after. Nor, unfortunately, did a quickie divorce.

Especially when neither Andrew nor Michelle can stick to the first rule of divorce etiquette: no kissing!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday ~ MORE THAN A PLAYBOY #SPeekSunday #snippetsunday

For this week's Sneak Peek Sunday, I’m sharing my six paragraphs from my re-released romantic comedy MORE THAN A PLAYBOY.

In this snippet Sandy is about to discover Cam's secret! 


“Good evening, Miss. How was your journey?”

A little taken aback, Sandy hadn’t expected the stern-faced butler to make small talk with her. “ was very pleasant, thank you.”

“Might I take your coat and bag?” He held out a wizened hand for the black wool garment.

Sandy scrambled out of her coat and handed it over. “Thank you.” She smoothed her damp palms over her hips in an effort to dry them, surprised by how shaky her hands were. She was more flustered at the prospect of seeing Cam than the time her Gran had caught her trying cigarettes behind her Grandfather’s shed at the end of their garden.

Sedrick offered her a small bow, and then placed the garment into the cupboard to the left of the front doors. “If you will follow me, Master Cameron is waiting for you in the dining room.”

She followed the regal old man, almost tempted to tiptoe when her heels echoed a staccato behind him. The room was as extravagant as the rest of what she had seen of the residence. White, grey-veined marble covered the walls, lead crystal chandeliers hung from the high gilded ceiling and gold leaf covered the mouldings. But it was the sight of Cam that stopped her feet from taking another step. 

(C) Monique DeVere 2010, 2013
All Rights Reserved

Thank you so much for stopping by to spend a little time with me, Sandy and Cam. I hope you enjoyed the taster from More Than a Playboy. Do check out the other participants in this week's Sneak Peek Sunday.

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Week 4 On The 5:2 Diet & BCAAs #5:2Diet #Weightloss #Diet #EatNutritious #GetHealthy

Last week I gave you a break from the diet stuff but I'm back to share. I lost a couple of pounds last week and another couple this week. I haven't been exercising and I wonder how big a difference it would make if I did. 

I want to find this out and will implement a plan to my days next week that would factor in some kind of exercise. The problem I'm having is that there isn't enough hours in the day as it is. But perhaps taking a ten or twenty minute break from my writing sessions to do a bit of exercise will be enough. I'll let you know next week.

I wanted to talk about BCAAs (Branched chain amino acid supplements. BCAA supplements contains three of the nine human essential amino acids--L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine.

These are amino acids the body can't synthesize on its own so we need to get them through diet or supplements. Since they're metabolized within muscle tissue they allow a quick source of energy when the body needs it and prevents the body from cannibalizing itself on low calorie diets.  

I read that if you take Branch Chain Amino Acids while fasting they help to prevent muscle breakdown and also lessens hunger pangs. 

During calorie restricted diets there is a risk of muscle loss due to the body using muscle tissue for energy.

BCAAs are used by athletes and bodybuilders to help build muscle, therefore we can surmise that if BCAAs have such a positive effect on muscle growth it stands to reason that it can also preserve muscles during periods of intermittent fasting. 

I have started taking BCAAs and have noticed a difference in hunger pangs. Namely, I don't get them when I take the supplements. Since I haven't had chance to test the effectiveness of BCAAs for fat loss because I did zero exercise, I can't say it makes a difference. What I will keep an eye on is my muscle weight. This way I can see whether I'm losing fat and water or muscle also.

I'll try to keep you posted on my progress with BCAAs. If you know all about these supplements and wish to share, please leave a comments for me below.

Meanwhile here is my disclaimer!

Please note that this blog post is not intended as medical advice or as encouragement to use any of these or any other supplement I may have mentioned. These are my personal experiences, thoughts, decisions, actions and results that I am sharing with you. You should not take this as gospel, but do your own research if you are interested to discover more about BCAAs or any other product I may have mentioned. And always seek medical advice from your doctor before embarking on any new eating or exercise plan.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

#Romance #SampleSaturday ~ LET'S PRETEND #Excerpt

Thought I'd give you a little break from the diet stuff and post a sample of one of my rom-coms this week instead. Let's Pretend is a reunion/second chance romance I think you would enjoy. I certainly enjoyed writing it! 


He stopped in front of her, his green-gold gaze running over her upturned face with reservation. “Hello, Belle, you look w—”
Luc!” She threw herself into his arms, plastering her mouth to his in an enthusiastic kiss that shocked her as much as it did Luc. No way could she allow his formal greeting. It would draw questions she didn’t want to answer. Not now, when she suspected her gran was about to announce a terminal illness. The last thing Gran needed was the horrible news that her granddaughter and her favourite grandson-in-law had filed for divorce. 

(C) Monique DeVere 2010, 2013
All Rights Reserved


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