Tuesday, August 6, 2019

THE WEDDING FAVOR Has a Cover! #CoverReveal #RomanticComedy #Weddings #WeddingRomance #Bestman #Romance

The Wedding Favor has a cover! I'm very excited to share the cover for my new romantic comedy, published by The Wild Rose Press. I haven't been given a release date yet, but, I have to tell you, I can't wait! 

When unlucky-in-love Erin Hart’s workaholic boss asks her to attend a family wedding as his fake girlfriend, hiding her secret crush becomes an impossible task. 

You're probably wondering why I have a picture of a Yorkshire Terrie fronting the blog post when I'm introducing you to my new book cover. Meet my Yorkie. Her name is Autumn Buttercup and she's 11 months old. 

So what does this have to do with my cover? 

Good question. 

The answer is that the heroineErin Hartfrom The Wedding Favor and I have something in commonwe both love Yorkies. Erin's Yorkie is a teacup Yorkshire Terrier named Buttercup. I was thrilled when I saw that The Wild Rose Press cover artist assigned to create my cover had managed to get the Yorkie on the cover ~melt~.

Isn't the cover cute? I must say, I do love it. 

A wedding favor for her secret crush…

When unlucky-in-love personal assistant Erin Hart enters her boss’s New York office to resign her job, she doesn’t expect to exit as his fake-girlfriend for an upcoming family wedding. How is she going to keep her crush a secret when she has to share a room… and a bed… with Max for one sizzling weekend in the UK?

Workaholic CEO Max Ferrell understands women only too well: they either want his body or his money. But fiery, sexy Erin is different and recruiting her to help curtail his over-zealous, matchmaking sisters is proving that it’s far more fun to play while you work. Especially when his prim and proper PA helps him to set the sheets ablaze. But falling for her was not in the plan and if he's not careful, the next wedding might be his own.