Sunday, July 11, 2010

WRQ Forum Launch

Great news!

Bestselling author Julie Ortolon will be launching the first of Writing Romance Question Forum Q&A days on 14th July 2010! 

If you haven't already done so, you might wish to join the WRQ Forum. This is the closest some of us will ever get to spending a day hanging out with our favourite authors or any uber-successful member of the writing industry. It's a great opportunity to ask the pros whatever questions you have in relation to writing and publishing. 

Let's all take advantage of the chance!

WRQF has a great line-up for the coming months. Look out for Q&A days this month with Julie Ortolon, Stephanie Parent (TWRP Champagne line editor) and Nicola Marsh (HMB Modern Heat and Romance bestselling author).

Are you curious yet? Why not sign up to wrqforum mailing list to make sure you never miss an author, editor or agent's Q&A event?

Pop over and register with WRQF now. You don't want to miss your Q&A session with Romantic Comedy author Julie Ortolon on Wednesday July 14th, and don't forget the lovely Stephanie Parent, editor for The Wild Rose Press Champagne line, is joining us on Friday July 16th. Then we have Harlequin Mills & Boon author Nicola Marsh on the 29th.

These are events no writer interested in growth wants to miss. Especially with guest authors like: Natalie Anderson, Robyn Grady, Joanna Aislinn, Kristan Higgins and Lucy King coming up in the next couple of months. 

Join WRQF here: (don't forget to introduce yourself as well as email Admin to let us know which forums you wish to join. The forums are password enabled, so don't leave getting your passwords until the last minute).

I've been reliably assured that word of mouth is powerful! So with that advise in mind, how can I resist asking everyone who comes across this blog entry to please help to spread the word. Writing Romance Question Forum is a great place for writers to speak directly to popular bestselling authors as well as editors and agents in our Q&A sessions.

Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Don't forget to join the forum, as well as the mailing list!

Go and do it now before you forget... :)

You can visit Julie Ortolon at

 Falling for You--Julie's newest release--is available now from Smashwords priced $2.99

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