Friday, April 26, 2013

#Romantic #Comedy LET'S PRETEND is #FREE from Friday-Sunday #KindleFreebie #KindleFree

I'm happy to share the news that my second chance romantic comedy LET'S PRETEND is FREE on Kindle all this weekend! 

Grab your FREE copy from Amazon!

Don’t have a Kindle? Not to worry, Amazon has FREE Kindle reading Apps which you can easily download and install on your laptop, PC or iPod. You can then download and read Kindle books on your device. Here’s a link to Amazon’s app download site where you can download FREE reading apps for your chosen device.

Monday, April 15, 2013

DIVORCE ETIQUETTE Has Been Released in #Greek on #iTunesBooks #eBooks #Romance #iPhone #iPad #iPodTouch

Happy Monday!

A while back I shared the news that my contemporary romance, Divorce Etiquette had been chosen by my publishers for translation to Greek. Well I'm ecstatic to announce that it's now on sale!!! I'm so excited about my first translation, I'm squeaking and you don't even have to squeeze me :D.

I just wanted to share the news and show you the new Greek cover, which I love.  

Divorce Etiquette is on iTunes just waiting to be downloaded. Here is the link if you fancy a peek: Μαθήματα Διαζυγίου by Monique DeVere on iTunes.

And if you fancy reading it in English, here is the amazon link: Divorce Etiquette AND for The Wild Rose Press.

They're breaking every rule of divorce etiquette! 

Sometimes, a whirlwind marriage doesn’t lead to happily-ever-after…Nor does a quickie divorce.

Turnaround expert Andrew Boston can turn any failing business into a huge success, but he couldn’t fix his marriage. A family tragedy left Andrew unable to commit to fatherhood, but he can’t let Michelle walk away. He’s determined to win her back and prove a relationship between the two of them can work perfectly well without bringing children into the equation…

Corporate lawyer Michelle Boston divorced Andrew two and a half years ago—and for good reason. She learnt a whirlwind marriage did not mean happily-ever-after. Nor, unfortunately, did a quickie divorce.

Especially when neither Andrew nor Michelle can stick to the first rule of divorce etiquette: no kissing!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday ~ MORE THAN A PLAYBOY #SPeekSunday #snippetsunday

For this week's Sneak Peek Sunday, I’m sharing my six paragraphs from my re-released romantic comedy MORE THAN A PLAYBOY.

In this snippet Sandy is about to discover Cam's secret! 


“Good evening, Miss. How was your journey?”

A little taken aback, Sandy hadn’t expected the stern-faced butler to make small talk with her. “ was very pleasant, thank you.”

“Might I take your coat and bag?” He held out a wizened hand for the black wool garment.

Sandy scrambled out of her coat and handed it over. “Thank you.” She smoothed her damp palms over her hips in an effort to dry them, surprised by how shaky her hands were. She was more flustered at the prospect of seeing Cam than the time her Gran had caught her trying cigarettes behind her Grandfather’s shed at the end of their garden.

Sedrick offered her a small bow, and then placed the garment into the cupboard to the left of the front doors. “If you will follow me, Master Cameron is waiting for you in the dining room.”

She followed the regal old man, almost tempted to tiptoe when her heels echoed a staccato behind him. The room was as extravagant as the rest of what she had seen of the residence. White, grey-veined marble covered the walls, lead crystal chandeliers hung from the high gilded ceiling and gold leaf covered the mouldings. But it was the sight of Cam that stopped her feet from taking another step. 

(C) Monique DeVere 2010, 2013
All Rights Reserved

Thank you so much for stopping by to spend a little time with me, Sandy and Cam. I hope you enjoyed the taster from More Than a Playboy. Do check out the other participants in this week's Sneak Peek Sunday.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Week 4 On The 5:2 Diet & BCAAs #5:2Diet #Weightloss #Diet #EatNutritious #GetHealthy

Last week I gave you a break from the diet stuff but I'm back to share. I lost a couple of pounds last week and another couple this week. I haven't been exercising and I wonder how big a difference it would make if I did. 

I want to find this out and will implement a plan to my days next week that would factor in some kind of exercise. The problem I'm having is that there isn't enough hours in the day as it is. But perhaps taking a ten or twenty minute break from my writing sessions to do a bit of exercise will be enough. I'll let you know next week.

I wanted to talk about BCAAs (Branched chain amino acid supplements. BCAA supplements contains three of the nine human essential amino acids--L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine.

These are amino acids the body can't synthesize on its own so we need to get them through diet or supplements. Since they're metabolized within muscle tissue they allow a quick source of energy when the body needs it and prevents the body from cannibalizing itself on low calorie diets.  

I read that if you take Branch Chain Amino Acids while fasting they help to prevent muscle breakdown and also lessens hunger pangs. 

During calorie restricted diets there is a risk of muscle loss due to the body using muscle tissue for energy.

BCAAs are used by athletes and bodybuilders to help build muscle, therefore we can surmise that if BCAAs have such a positive effect on muscle growth it stands to reason that it can also preserve muscles during periods of intermittent fasting. 

I have started taking BCAAs and have noticed a difference in hunger pangs. Namely, I don't get them when I take the supplements. Since I haven't had chance to test the effectiveness of BCAAs for fat loss because I did zero exercise, I can't say it makes a difference. What I will keep an eye on is my muscle weight. This way I can see whether I'm losing fat and water or muscle also.

I'll try to keep you posted on my progress with BCAAs. If you know all about these supplements and wish to share, please leave a comments for me below.

Meanwhile here is my disclaimer!

Please note that this blog post is not intended as medical advice or as encouragement to use any of these or any other supplement I may have mentioned. These are my personal experiences, thoughts, decisions, actions and results that I am sharing with you. You should not take this as gospel, but do your own research if you are interested to discover more about BCAAs or any other product I may have mentioned. And always seek medical advice from your doctor before embarking on any new eating or exercise plan.