Sunday, May 28, 2023

Balancing Ledgers by Day and Love Stories by Night – A Thrilling Double Life #RomanceWriter #ADayInTheLifeOf #Author #TheDayJob

It’s an ordinary day in the office, shuffling through invoices, bank reconciliations, and expense reports. Little do my colleagues know that come evening, I’ll be trading my calculator for my laptop, spreadsheets for Microsoft Word. Instead of financial jargon, my evenings are filled with whispers of love, witty dialogue, powerful emotions, and passionate reunions. A stark contrast to my daytime persona, you might say? Welcome to my life – assistant accountant by day, romance author by night.

Every morning, I don my professional armour – neat blouse, trousers, ankle boots – ready to immerse myself in the meticulous world of accounting. The day progresses in a predictable fashion. Budgets, financial forecasts, and tax calculations – these are my daily bread and butter. Conversations at work are filled with numbers, payroll, and the dreaded month-end closing. The hustle and bustle of the corporate world give me a sense of satisfaction, the thrill of having all numbers balanced and equations tied up perfectly.

Yet, beneath the accountant’s demeanour is a heart that flutters at the thought of star-crossed lovers, the passion that ignites between characters, and the intoxicating dance of courtship. As dusk descends and the day job ends, another part of my persona comes to life.

The transition from accountant to author is seamless, a switch from left-brain thinking to right. My home office, a romantic contrast to my shared office at the day job, is my sanctuary. The scent of my aromatic herbal tea, the dim light cascading from my Himalayan lamp, the soft click-clack of laptop keys – this is the backdrop of my moonlit sonata.

As an assistant accountant, I’m trained to think logically and methodically. Surprisingly, this helps my creativity. Plotting a story isn’t that different from solving a complex accounting problem. Both need structure, the ability to link several elements into a cohesive whole. And let's not forget about deadlines – those are as crucial for manuscript submissions as they are for financial reports.

The dichotomy of my life provides me with a unique advantage. The precision and meticulousness I’ve learnt in my day job help shape my writing. On the other hand, the creativity and emotional intelligence required for my novels provide a refreshing counterbalance, making me a better, more empathetic assistant accountant.

Living a double life has its comedic moments too. Picture this – in meetings, while others discussed revenue and expenditures, I’m secretly deciding whether my protagonist should come clean about her secret dalliance or enjoy the thrill of secretly dating her make-a-girl-go-weak-at-the-knees co-worker.

My two worlds, as different as they are, have a strange symbiotic relationship. They provided a sense of balance, grounding me in reality while letting my imagination soar. The characters I create become my escape from the concrete jungle, while the stability of my day job allows me the freedom to write without financial stress.

In this journey of numbers and narratives, ledgers and love stories, I’ve discovered that one could straddle the world of facts and fantasy. It’s a tightrope walk, balancing both lives, but the thrill of it is unparalleled. After all, how many can claim to navigate financial ledgers by day and chart the tumultuous course of love by night?

So, here I am – by day, ensuring the company's finances are in order, and by night, spinning tales of love, passion, and happy-ever-afters. Accountant by day, author by night – two worlds, one incredible journey!

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