Monday, September 24, 2012

Friends to Lovers Romance

The weddings are all over and now I have two happily married kids. The tween's health scares are behind us, praise God! He is good, He is good all the time and His mercy endures forever!

I don't mind sharing how awful the last three years has been while we walked out the tween's Leukaemia. My concentration was shot to pieces and my motivation to write...what motivation? Getting more books out was not my priority, I can tell you. Yet, I ached to write despite the lack of  absorption or time. I thought, for sure, once Meg was better, nothing would stop me driving full steam ahead with my writing career. I hadn't factored in the possibility of more health scares, so when we hit that wall it winded me--nearly even crushed me. I lost the will to write and went weeks without writing a single word. Not that I didn't want to! I just couldn't get the story to flow. In fact I couldn't even seem to string a sentence together, and deleted far more than I wrote! Convinced, I'd lost my talent, I was at the point of tossing the towel into the ol' writing ring, but couldn't bring myself to say "That's it, I'm never going to write another story."
I'm glad I held off making such a serious decision because once we'd scaled all of Meg's health hurdles, my creativity returned full-force. 
It was as if the Leukaemia had build a dam across my creative river and it dried up. Then, as the weeks past and I could see Meg was okay, suddenly the dam broke and my creative river flowed again. Where before I couldn't think of a thing to write, I now couldn't jot down the ideas fast enough.  
I have a couple of friends who decided to take the indie publishing route and are extremely successful. They kept encouraging me to do the same. I mentioned in my last post that I am going to do just that and I will start with a friends to lovers romance entitled More Than Friends. I was hoping to publish it by now but, as I mentioned above, things went a bit belly up.
I  anticipate I will put the story on Amazon within the next couple of weeks and trust that all of you who have been so very supportive will enjoy the read.
For now, here is a peek at the cover above. Stay tuned for snippets of the story.
Hugs to all of you!