Monday, October 8, 2012

More Than Friends--A Sexy Romantic Comedy

Good Monday morning!

Hope you had a lovely weekend, because mine was flat-out wonderful!

Why is that, you ask?

Because my new Romantic Comedy, More Than Friends, was released this weekend. I'm so juiced about this new road I've taken. As a few of you know, for a very long time I stood at a career crossroads trying to decide which road to take.

I had faith that I would eventually choose the right road, but still I neglected to do one crucial thing--take a step! I'm glad I finally moved my feet, (faith without works is dead James 2:20 NKJV) because this road is amazing. The scenery is breath-taking and the sun seems a lot brighter here. The skies are so clear and so azure that I don't think a single dark cloud has ever marred them. And there's definitely no sign of that awful black cloud that I found myself walking under for the last few years.

In case I lost you somewhere up there, I'm not really talking about roads, but following your dreams. And my dream was to become an Indie publisher. I know a lot of writers don't understand why an author would want to go it alone when--if she has any talent--she can grab an agent who will snag her an eye-popping fab publishing deal and all she has to do is sit back, write, have someone approve and publish what she writes, then repeat.

I am also aware that some of the "big" authors believe Indie publishing is for untalented writers who would never make it as authors if they didn't publish their work themselves. They imagine these books are substandard and unworthy of reading.  This is so far from the truth, it isn't funny, but it makes me laugh anyway, because I don't think I have ever read a book by any big author published with major publishing houses that didn't contain mistakes, typos, name changes etc.

I've found lots of amazing books which were published by talented Indie authors who had the foresight to cut out the middle men. Why split you pot of gold when you can keep it for yourself?

Lots of writers prefer to write for a publisher, but I never did. I like having control of every aspect of my work, and I thank God that He keeps adding to my talents. I thank Him, too, that I finally got the confidence to go it alone and start on the Indie Publishing road.

My new Romantic Comedy is the beginning of a marvelous journey which I intend to continue. I'm no longer targeting Mills & Boon, but will concentrate on writing what I should have been writing long ago--romantic comedy, mystery suspense. So watch this space!

I'd like to introduce More Than Friends, a friends to lovers romance about colliding loyalties. It's a story I thoroughly enjoyed writing and publishing.

She just broke the Best Friends’ Code of Honour!
What do you do when your best friend’s fella dumps her?
You get drunk, catch a cab to his place, offer to bop him on the nose, then... sleep with him?
Lily Harper should have taken her secret attraction to Justin Knight into consideration before rushing to his swanky apartment. Now she’s caught in a dilemma. Lose her best friend, or the out-of-this-world sexy guy who could be The One.
Justin fell for Lily almost from the moment he met her, but she was with someone else and he'd  just started seeing her best friend. Now Lily is available, and so is he, only, he isn’t having much luck making her see that sometimes when loyalties collide, a girl has to choose love! 

“The fact of the matter is—” he nuzzled her ear “—I’m going to kiss you and every guy in this place is going to go wild with envy because I’m the lucky sod who gets to do it.”
Lily sucked in a breath, missed a step. He was making love to her, disguised as a dance. People were beginning to take an interest.  He’d made her a spectacle.
“Justin, people are watching.”
“Sweetheart, that’s nothing new, they’ve been riveted from the moment you first walked in the room.”
“Are you sweet talking me?”
He pulled back, his gaze darkening.  “Only if it’s working.” While his hand caressed her back where the dressed dipped, he stroked his other thumb against her palm.
Goose bumps raised her flesh. Oh, it was working. That and the off-the-wall chemistry between them. Every part of her craved his touch.
He turned her, dipped his head, and took the kiss he’d warned her he was going to take. It was as if everything stood still, the room, the hum of conversation, the mellow music, Lily’s heart—everything.

You can purchase More Than Friends from:

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