Thursday, April 2, 2009

And Then He Kissed Her…Getting Physically Romantic

Don’t you just adore reading a well-written romance with great sexual tension, and glib toe-to-toe/head-to-head scenes between the hero and heroine that sizzle?

I do!

Have you noticed these kinds of romances have you just dying for the hero to grab the heroine and kiss her?

Then when he finally does—if it’s well-written—we thoroughly enjoy his kiss almost as much as the heroine.

Now this is where we, as authors, can come unstuck.

How do we describe a kiss so we make the reader want to hunt her beloved down and plant one on him? (After she’s read your entire book, of course. After all, SHE JUST CAN’T PUT IT DOWN!)

When I’m writing K.I.S.S scenes, I like to Keep. It. Soft. And Slow. I can’t stomach a hero who grabs the poor heroine and kiss her so hard, it’s “punitive”. As a reader, all I’m thinking is:
Girl, mace him! Kick him in the goolies, and run!

I don’t know any woman who would enjoy such an awful kiss. I’m sure they are some. I’m simply saying I don’t know of any.

So back to our hero, heroine and the K.I.S.S (Keep It Soft and Slow or... Keep It Simple Stupid!)

He gives her a soft kiss that clings. It’s like a peck, but he doesn’t pull back. He waits for her to decide. Does she respond or push him away?

When she responds, he draws her closer with one hand on her hip and the other buried in her hair, cupping the back of her head just above her nape. She smoothes her hands up over his chest, touches his face. She parts her lips in invitation and he accepts. With soft tongue and lips, he deepens the kiss…

Don’t you just love to read those melt-in-the-mouth-kisses?

What sort of kiss do you enjoy reading in the romance novel?

Until next time.