Monday, October 2, 2017

Happy #ReleaseDay for DILLON: Her Rule Breaker! #Book 2 in the Pleasure Flights #RomanticComedy #Series #Readers

Monique: Hi, Ren and Dil, are you as excited as I am for today's release of your story?

Renée: I'm so excited, Monique. I didn't sleep a wink all night.

Dillon (cheeky grin & a saucy wink): Don't worry, I kept her company.

Monique: I'm sure you did, Dil... I'm sure you did. So, Happy Release Day!

Ren: Thank you!              Dillon: Thanks.

Monique: Shall we share another excerpt?

Ren: Good idea.

Dillon: Which one are you thinking?

Monique: How about the one when you're helping Ren to put out the stock in her lingerie boutique? 

Ren: Ohhhh... I like that one.

Dillon (worried frown): Exactly which part of that scene are you planning to share?

Monique: Don't worry, Dil. It's all good.

Dillon still looks cautious.

Monique (pats him on his muscle-toned shoulder): Trust me. It'll be fine.

Dillon still looks uneasy, but I'm the boss so...

Everything was moving along on schedule. The invitations were on their way, and most of the stock was on display. She could have emailed the invitations, but Ren wanted the tangibility of an embossed card. Somehow it made her business feel more real.
Speaking of real, Dillon sauntered into the shop carrying a large box, his black T-shirt molded deliciously to his chest, his tanned biceps flexed to mesmerizing proportions, and his black jeans hugging him just right. “Where do you want this?”
The answer that came to mind had nothing to do with the box Dillon lugged in for her and everything to do with where she wanted him. Refraining from voicing her suggestive reply, Ren pushed back her hair and glanced around the shop to find the best place to display the items.
“That would be the new season’s baby-doll nightwear. You can leave the box over there.” She pointed to the circular rail atop the dais in the middle of the shop.
As he walked by, Dillon dropped a kiss on her mouth. Ren immediately jumped back and checked to see if Shauna had caught the PDA. Thankfully, her shop assistant was too focused on her task in the window to notice the exchange on the shop floor.
“We spoke about this, Dil. Not in front of my staff.”
“Yeah, then you went and made it a rule.” He shrugged his wide shoulders, gave a slow, inevitable shake of his head. “You know how I feel about rules.”

(You can read the first shared excerpt HERE)

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