Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

ETHAN'S TEMPORARY FLING is on #99cents #sale throughout August #AmReading #BookLovers

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He’s so sexy he has the title to prove it!

Super-hunky, weight-loss celebrity Ethan Stone brings out Dr. Karis Van de Burke’s inner bad-girl. To prove it, when Ethan accepts the challenge to persuade the sassy, love-rejected cosmetic surgeon to appear as a guest on his show, she ends up inviting him into her bed for one night of guilty pleasure instead. 

Used to women throwing themselves at him boobs first, Ethan knows his way around every female erogenous zone, but the sizzling chemistry he has with Karis blindsides him. Soon he’s convincing her to extend their one-night to another ... and another ... and...

Karis can’t resist! Yet, if Ethan discovers her secret, he’ll ditch her as fast as her ex-fiancĂ© had – but really, what could go wrong in a one-week tangle-free affair?

“I’m positive, Mum. I’m the very last person Andie wants to share this with.”

“Your sister loves you, Kari-bear. I know she wants you there.”

“Did you tell her that?”

“What? That she wants you there?”

“That she loves me.”

“You know she does.”

“Mum, face it; she’s hated me from the day she was born.”

“She says the same about you.”

“I don’t hate Andie. She’s my baby sister.” Fifteen months apart, Karis felt more like a twin than she did a big sister.

“Then reconsider the offer and go on the show to support her.”

“You do realise it isn’t my support of Andie’s achievement they want from me, right?” Karis grabbed a carton of orange juice from the slot in the fridge door. At least, she could raise her blood sugar with the juice while she tried to find enough ingredients to make some kind of dinner. “They want to use our conflicts with each other to grab more viewers. With Andie’s temper, can you imagine what it would be like?” 

She flicked the lid and sniffed. The funky acid scent warned her off taking a sip. Tipping the contents down the sink, she flipped on the water to wash it down as she listened to her mum’s attempts to smooth the turbulent waters between her only children.

“Andie might surprise you, darling. She’s matured in the last five years, and you wouldn’t believe how well she’s done in the year since Ethan Stone agreed to work with her to lose all that weight.”

Karis paused in the process of dropping the empty juice carton into the recycling bin. That was it!

Ethan Stone.

The reason his name seemed familiar was that his producers had been hounding her to agree to appear on a segment on his health and weight loss show. They claimed to want the sisters to try to mend their relationship so Andie could have closure.

Karis knew better than to put herself within arm’s reach of her sister.

The doorbell rang.

Karis puffed out a delicious sigh of relief and binned the carton. At eight p.m., it could only mean one thing. 

“Thank the Lord—dinner.”

“What did you order?” Her mum’s chastising tone filtered into her ear. “Nothing unhealthy, I hope.”

“It’s usually a surprise. A few times a week my friend from the deli drops by with food. She knows I hardly have time to shop and takes pity on me.”

Karis practically bounded to the front door. She was star-ving. She yanked open the door, ready to devour whatever mouth-watering yumminess was on the other side and nearly dropped the phone.

Her mouth fell open. She blinked, unable to believe her eyes. For sure, something yummy stood before her, but not hers to devour—not that she wouldn’t have equally welcomed dinner in this form. She let her gaze roam down then back up again.

Ethan Stone—he of the title Sexiest Eye Candy To Lust After—towered outside her door. He was tall, far taller than she imagined from his magazine photo. At five-foot-eight—eleven in heels—she looked most men in the eye, but to do the same with Ethan Stone she had to tip her chin six inches.

She must have conjured some kind of freaky fantasy after snagging her own copy of the gossip magazine. Because there was no way Ethan Stone would be standing outside her door at eight-o-five at night in a dinner suit holding a single white rose as he unleashed that incredible smile. Karis glanced behind her to where she’d left the magazine, then back at him.

“Karis Van de Burke?” His deep intonation did something strange to her solar plexus. 

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Book 2 #Excerpt DILLON: Her Rule Breaker on #Preorder for #99cents from #Amazon #Romance #eBooks

So, last week I shared Dillon and Renée's cover. Dillon wasn't too happy with me after he saw what I'd said, but I think he's forgiven me. Right, Dil?

Dillon: How could I not? You hold my fate in your hands. I might come to an unfortunate end otherwise.

Monique: See? Dillon forgives me! I'm really excited to share an excerpt of DILLON: Her Rule Breaker with you. I know Dil and Ren are excited too, right guys?

Dillon: Are you going to share the first time I really noticed Ren?

Renée: When was that?

Dillon: The Friday night you were getting ready for your date with Kip.

Renée (chuckling): Oh, my goodness. I remember that night.

Monique: Then let's share a snippet of it with the readers.

DILLON: Her Rule Breaker
Pleasure Flights series #2
Copyright © Monique DeVere 2017
Crystal Swan Publications
All Rights Reserved

She could grow to care for Kip. She couldn’t ever see herself falling in love, though. Love made a person helpless, and she would never allow herself to become helpless again.
Ren dropped to her hands and knees to peek under the bed. Not that she had ever found her underwear there. She rose onto her knees, jammed her hands on her hips, and met Sneakthief’s lazy gaze with what she hoped was a convincing mommy-is-very-cross-with-you stare.
If she hadn’t known better, she would’ve sworn the cat flicked a feline smile as his fluffy chocolate-colored tail slowly swished back and forth like he was trying to hypnotize her into forgiving him.
“Not this time, you big furball. What did you do with my red thong? Please tell me you didn’t take it to Matthews’.”
The doorbell chimed.
Ren threw up her hands.
“Oh, fantastic! Kip’s at the door and I’m still in my bathrobe.” She stomped from the bedroom. Maybe he would appreciate discovering her in a state of undress. Maybe he’d find it sexy and suggest they skip Go-Karting in favor of far more exciting activities. Ren smiled. Losing her panties just might be a blessing after all.
She opened the door. “Kip, I’m so sorry. My cat—”
“Is about to lose all nine of his lives.” The shirtless man standing opposite her with a red satin-and-lace thong dangling from his crooked forefinger was not Kip. 

You can now get DILLON: Her Rule Breaker on Pre-order from all Amazon Kindle stores, which you can access by clicking on the title link in the description.