Friday, July 28, 2017

Thunderclap Campaign for Zach's Rebound Girl #Free days needed #ThunderclapIt

I have a Thunderclap Campaign for Zach's Rebound Girl FREE days. I'd really love your support. I'm happy to return the favour, just email me with the link to your campaign at to let me know you supported Zach's Rebound Girl, and I'd be thrilled to support you.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Pleasure Flights Book 2 - DILLON: Her Rule Breaker #CoverReveal #RomanceReads #AmReading

Not wanting to be left out, Adam's best friend Dillon has sweet-talked me into revealing the cover for his book. Adam doesn't know this, but Dillon and Adam's sister Renée have been spending a little more time together than anyone realizes. Dillon has sworn me to secrecy, so I really hope Adam isn't reading this! If he is, I'm sorry, Dillon. He had to find out some time. Besides, you did pressure me into revealing your cover. 

Dillon saunters in, gorgeous as ever and...oh-oh, he's seen my post.

Dillon: Monique, you can't leave that up there. If Adam finds out about Ren and me, I don't think he's going to take it all that well.

Monique: Don't worry, Dil. I got this. I've asked Lacey to keep Adam busy for the next few weeks. 

Dillon: What about Ren's other brothers Harley and Hayden? How do you plan to keep them from seeing this?

Monique (scratches head): Whoops! 

Dillon: Ahhh, Monique!

Monique: Sorry, Dil. Just lay low. It's going to be fine...I hope.

Dillon: Ah, Man!

Monique: Don't think about that now. Let's tell the readers a little about your and Ren's romance. 

Dillon: opens mouth to speak. 

Monique cuts in: I got this. Just chill, okay?

Dillon chills...

Book Cover for DILLON: Her Rule Breaker

Breaking the rules with his best friend’s sister has never felt so right.

Ever since a horrifying experience in her childhood, Renée Swank has had to endure her family’s overprotection, which forced her to move to the UK eight years ago. Now she’s back in California to open her lingerie boutique. And renting the apartment across the hall from her big brother’s super-hunky best friend—who she’s been crushing on since she was sixteen—has more than a few sexy benefits.

Helicopter pilot/Carpenter Dillon The Rule-Breaker Matthews has never met a rule he didn’t want to break. But when he agreed to keep an eye on his buddy’s little sister, he was certain he’d have no problem honoring their friendship. Until he offers Ren his carpenter skills, and suddenly her boutique isn’t the only secret they’re keeping.

Excerpt Coming Next Week.