Friday, June 26, 2015

MFRW Monthly Column: Monique DeVere's Secret to a Polished Manuscript #authortips

MFRW - Marketing for Romance Writers: Monique DeVere's Secret to a Polished Manuscript #...: Last month I shared my secret to writing great dialogue. This month, I'm going to share my secret to a polished manuscript.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spicy Romance Without The Strong Language. ETHAN'S TEMPORARY FLING on Special #99c #BeachRead

Looking for a sweet and spicy feel-good romance with clean language? Why not try ETHAN'S TEMPORARY FLING? For a limited time, you can grab a copy for 99c .


Super-hunky, weight-loss celebrity Ethan Stone brings out Dr. Karis Van de Burke’s inner bad-girl. To prove it, when Ethan accepts the challenge to persuade the sassy, love-rejected cosmetic surgeon to appear as a guest on his show, she ends up inviting him into her bed for one night of guilty pleasure instead.

Used to women throwing themselves at him boobs first, Ethan knows his way around every female erogenous zone, but the sizzling chemistry he has with Karis blindsides him. Soon he’s convincing her to extend their one-night to another ... and another ... and...

Karis can’t resist! Yet, if Ethan discovers her secret, he’ll ditch her as fast as her ex-fiancĂ© had -- but really, what could go wrong in a one-week tangle-free affair?


When he didn’t continue into the house, she angled her head
to meet his gaze. That sensation of over-intoxication hit her again.

“Um—you have my permission to go grab whatever it was you forgot.” She jerked a thumb behind her in the general direction of the sitting room. “I’ll wait here for you.”

His slow cocky grin was back, and it melted her all the way to her curled toes.

“I have your permission, do I?”

She nodded. “Sure.” She just wanted him to move it and get his tempting self out of her reach.

She glanced around again, hoping to catch sight of whatever object he left behind, but noticed nothing out of the ordinary. He did say he could see it from the doorway, so she clearly overlooked whatever it was.

When she glanced back at Ethan, the expression on his face told her she might have been looking in the wrong place.

Unruly anticipation jolted her nervous system, pushed her pulse rate into top gear. Trying to slow her over-excited heartbeat, she held his gaze. 

“What exactly did you forget, Ethan?” Her breathy whisper had his attention dropping to her mouth. Her lips burned under his heated stare, forcing her to wet them with the tip of her tongue.

“This...” One word—low and husky enough to make her knees wobble. But it was the sheer masterful way he cupped her nape, stepped close enough to imprison her in his ultra sexy force field, and covered her mouth with his that unglued her.

What some people are saying:

"LOVED this story. The chemistry between Karis and Ethan rocks!"

"If you love contemporary romance with a bit of heat, you're going to love this book."

"Author Monique DeVere gives the reader an incredibly steamy, erotic read."

"A fun, sexy, addictive read that's perfect for the beach."

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Sophistication Sizzle Satisfaction... and always fun!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Meet Smoking-Hot New Hero: Casey Lowe from Party For Two #amwriting #Romance

Meet Casey Lowe, my hero in the works. He hails from my latest story entitled "Party For Two", a super-spicy romance I'm targeting at Harlequin Blaze. 

Casey Lowe is a 34-year-old attorney in California with an eye on making partner. He wants Danielle Hampton, but only for a fling, because he doesn’t do relationships. And definitely not with his boss’s daughter. He’d made that mistake once and he doesn’t plan on doing it again, but he needs Dani’s help to land a client. This takes them to Palm Springs and some pretty steamy moments. Dani has a way of tying him in knots, making him want things he shouldn’t want, especially when sooner or later everyone he cares about leaves him. But for now, Casey is enjoying the fun. And lawyer turned pregnancy model, Dani, is a whole lot of fun!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Want To Know Monique DeVere's Secret To Great Dialogue? #WriteTips #Blog

This month my column for MFRW is about my secret to great dialogue. If you'd like to pop over and spend a little time with me, I'd love to have you.

You can find the post HERE.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Focusing On Category #Romance #Blog

For a while, I've wanted to target Harlequin's Blaze line. I don't know what stopped me. Perhaps the time wasn't right, or maybe it was the friend who told me Blaze was looking for dark stories a while back. Whatever prevented me from trying seemed to have passed when I heard about the #BlazeBlitz submission call just a few days before the closing date in March this year. I knew it was time to finally focus my attention on this line. Blaze seems to have changed once again. Where they were looking for dark stories, they now seem to have left such tales behind and are publishing lighter stuff. The type of fun stories I write and love to read.

So, with a pounding heart, and shaking hand I submitted my chapter and synopsis and received a revise and resubmit. I'm pretty thrilled that the editor liked my writing style and my voice. I feel like I'm halfway there if they like my style and voice. 

This morning I hit the submit button over at Submittable. Now the wait begins again. Strangely, I'm not nervous this time. I feel like what's the point of making myself sick? They will either like my story or they won't. They'll either ask to see more or they won't. 

Whatever happens, I know I can give myself a pat on the back for trying. That sounds like a nothing pat on the back, but when you factor in my internal conflict of fear of rejection and my awful character trait of not even trying if I suspect I might fail, I think I do deserve that lovely pat on my back as I say to myself: Well done, Monique. You've tried

My other news is that The Wild Rose Press offered me a contract for my story which will be part of their new Candy Heart series. I'm so thrilled about this! I totally enjoyed telling Riley and Sam's story and can't wait to see it on the virtual shelves next year.

It's been a while, and I say this all of the time, but I'll be seeing more of you as I put extra effort into regularly updating my blog.

As always...
Love & hugs

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