Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pull Up A Chair With Mon ~ Let's Talk About: Initial 'ING' verbs #writetip

Initial –ING verbs

It's been a while since I last added to my Pull Up A Chair blog series. I thought I'd talk about starting sentences with an ING verbs. If you're a writer, and have critique partners, no doubt you'd be familiar with the policing that goes on when it comes to the way we write/construct our sentences. As such, you probably have the red pen pulled out to highlight every time a sentence begins with an ING verb.  Some readers find it annoying when authors begin a sentence with an ING verb. Me--I don't care, so long as it's used correctly and you're telling me a good story. 

The occasional ING at the beginning of a sentence is perfectly okay. Just think, if we all constructed sentences the same way, how would we ever differentiate between authors' voices--or even cultivate our own unique voice?! I really don't think there's a problem with starting a sentence with ING verbs, providing they aren't overused! 

However, they're often misused. 

Since I mentioned using the ING incorrectly, I must now point out how to use it correctly. The trick is to only ever start a sentence with an initial ING verb if the action you are describing matches the action which follows. Your character has to be able to do both the ING verb and the verb that follows at the same time.

For instance, perhaps your character is  making a cup of tea. You can say: pouring the milk, she stirred the tea. These two actions can be done simultaneously.

However, you can't say: Opening the milk carton, she stirred the tea. This would be incorrect since one cannot open a carton and stir tea at the same time--not unless you have more than the two hands most people are born with. 

If you ever wondered about the ins and outs of the ING verb, now you know. And if you've never considered this subject, I hope I've shed a bit of light on it.

Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your company. 

Until next time God bless. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

#SaturdaySnippet YOU DON'T GET JOE! #VDay #ebooks #Romance #ShortReads #KindleReaders

As promised, here is an excerpt from my new Valentine's Day story. Hope you enjoy this snippet of You Don't Get Joe! which will be on sale February 11th 2014.


You Don't Get Joe!
Copyright © 2014 Monique DeVere
Published by Crystal Swan Publications
United Kingdom
All rights reserved.

He carried her to her room, torn between wanting to hurry and get her soft body out of his arms yet yearning to hold her close for a while longer. With her honey-blonde hair, sassy smile, and wide chestnut eyes he had a tough time not falling for her all over again.
He laid her on the bed atop the covers. What was it about her that tangled his emotions? She was just a woman. There were a billion of them out there, so why her?
As he attempted to pull back, Robyn clung.
Man, that soft husk was too much for him to take so soon after holding her in his arms for the five minutes it’d taken him to ease her out of the car and carry her—surrounded by her light sexy perfume—to her room.
“Yeah?” He tried to unhook her arms from around his neck, but she wouldn’t comply.
“Kiss me.” She exhaled a slow, shattered breath.
Everything in Joe stilled. Even the atmosphere in Robyn’s room paused.
It was the jet lag talking. He knew this, and should walk away. So why couldn’t he make his feet move? And why was fastening his lips to Robbie’s the only prominent thought in his mind?
“You don’t mean that.”
“Yes, I do.” Her soft reply prodded at his self-control, close to poking a hole right through. “I’ve wanted it all evening.”
Oh, man!
He wanted it, too. Did that make him pathetic? But he couldn’t kiss her. This was Robbie—the one woman he wanted. Joe wasn’t entirely sure he’d be able to stop once he started.
“Just one, Joe.” 


Early release! You Don't Get Joe! is on sale at all Amazon sites. For your convenience:

AmazonUK ~ AmazonUS

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#New #VDay #Novella You Don't Get Joe! #CoverReveal & Blurb. #RomanticComedy #Reunion #RomanceReaders

Hello true and faithful reader--yep, I'm speaking to my one reader 

As you probably noticed from the word count metre over there on the right, I've got another story ready for you. This one is a Valentine's novella entitled You Don't Get Joe! which is scheduled for release next week. I thought you might like to see the cover and blurb. In a couple of days, I'll post an excerpt. For now, please meet Robyn Dare and Joe Langford, my latest reunion story for Valentine's Day.


A lot can happen in six days!

There’s no secret that New York columnist Robyn (Robbie) Dare hates Valentine’s Day. So when her editor assigns her the task of writing a column about V-Day, she advises her readers to skip it. Dubbed The Valentine Hater, at least one person is out for blood, leaving Robbie little choice but to beat a hasty retreat back to her family in the UK. It wouldn’t be so bad, if heartthrob Joe Langford wasn’t right on hand to welcome her back. She used to have a thing for Joe. So did her sister. Five years ago, Robyn pretended to choose her career and walked away, leaving the path to Joe clear for her sister, but she always regretted her decision.

There was a time when Joe longed to rectify the mistake he made when he let the woman he loved walk out of his life. Now she’s back and bringing a heap of trouble with her. Good thing Joe likes trouble. He isn’t sure how this mess will turn out, but one thing Joe knows for sure, skipping Valentine’s Day just might be the best thing Robbie ever did!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

#Read Excerpt of ZACH'S REBOUND GIRL ~ On Sale Now! #BookBuzz #Smashwords #Kindle #Kobo #Romance @AmazonBookPromo

Yay! Zach's Rebound Girl is on sale!

You can purchase copies from Amazon. The paperback version is on the way. 


Zach's Rebound Girl
Copyright © 2014 Monique DeVere
Published by Crystal Swan Publications
United Kingdom
All rights reserved.
“I don’t believe you.”

Her mouth fell open at the sheer audacity of the man. Okay she was lying, but he had no way of knowing that. She could’ve had thousands of affairs for all he knew. “You don’t even know me. I’ve changed.”

Electric tension vibrated between them. He was staring at her mouth again, his jaw stiff, eyes doing that glitter thing once more. 

“I don’t think so. Underneath all that sophistication you’re still the sweet girl I used to know.”

Goaded into retaliation, Maddie followed the first crazy impulse that popped into her head. 

“Oh really? Would a ‘sweet girl’ do this?”

Before he had time to take a breath, Maddie threw her arms around Zach’s neck and plastered herself to him.

As kisses went, she nearly cracked a tooth with her surprise attack.

Back Cover Copy

Goodbye quiet geek ... hello hot TV personality.

Television property renovator Maddison de la Botella is popular, adored, and on the brink of snagging the opportunity to restore her ancestral home—if a ruthless developer doesn’t tear it down first! Her life has suddenly gone from smooth to bumpy, and it all starts the night she discovers her new neighbour ogling her in her hot tub is none other than Zachary Canady! Her once-upon-a-time best friend and heartbreaker.

He’s still way too gorgeous, still makes her heart flip—and still sees her as just a friend. Back in uni, Zach made sure she understood men wanted exciting women. And there was nothing exciting about Maddie. Now ten years on, here’s her chance to make him notice she’s a living, breathing, desirable woman—even if she almost cracks a tooth to prove it. But is it coincidence that as soon as Zach re-enters her life, she becomes curiously accident-prone?

Commercial property developer, Zach is about to close the business deal of his career until his past catches up with him, and he’s knocked sideways by the stunner next door. Suddenly he can’t decide what he’s protecting Maddie from—his white-hot desire, or the psychotic stalker out to harm her.


Would you like to read more?

Purchase from any Amazon outlet, but here are the two main sites: AmazonUS ~ AmazonUK 

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