Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Blog Made The Top Romance Novels Blog List

I’m rather pleased that my blog got onto the Daily Review’s Top 100 Romance Novels Blogs. How cool is that? I didn’t even know such a thing existed. But since it does, I’m proud to be a part of it. Especially since I get to have that nifty Award seal on my blog.

I expect I’ll have to make more of an effort to keep up with my blog entries, now. Hmm, let me think of something worthwhile to blog...

Think, think, think...I’m bound to come up with something soon.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My New Story: Let's Pretend


True love needs no pretence

When A&E trauma surgeon, Isobel, married sexy Irish firefighter, Lucas Delaney, she knew it was going to be forever. Unfortunately, she didn’t realise forever would only last five short years.

Keeping her failed marriage from her family seems like a piece of cake, until her grandmother calls a family gathering and Belle suspects she’s about to break unpleasant news. Making excuses for Luc’s absence, she flies home to Connecticut.

Then delicious Lucas arrives for the three-day get-together and Belle knows things are going to get dicey. Especially since he still has the power to make her heart miss a beat, and her stomach bottom out.

When Belle asks him to pretend they’re still deeply in love, Luc doesn’t have a problem. He sees an opportunity to reclaim the love of his life. And he goes all out to remind Belle how it used to be between them, before long work hours and clashing schedules invaded their marriage.

What he needs to know though, is, once the pretence is over, will Belle be signing divorce papers? Or will they be renewing wedding vows?

More Than a Playboy

Thought I'd post a little teaser of More Than a Playboy.


She has a shield...he has one too...and they’re both hiding secrets behind them.

Serious-minded Alexandra (Sandy) Donovan has one unbreakable rule—never fall for a rich playboy. She’s seen the pain it caused her mother, how it ruined her childhood, and she’s determined never to let the same thing happen to her.

Unfortunately, the only man to make her hormones sit up and take notice is a rich playboy who doesn’t know the first thing about taking life seriously.

A lonely miserable childhood has taught Cameron Berkeley-Scott to hide his feelings in humour, but his comic nature seems to be pushing away the one woman he wants to draw near. She thinks he’s a playboy—a title he has no desire to have—and she ignores his outrageous flirting.

Now it’s time for Cameron to show Sandy he isn’t all about seeking life’s pleasures without commitment or responsibilities, but will it push her further away when she finds out who he really is?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Perfect Life

Hello beloved visitor!
I’ve been lax lately with my blog entries. To say I never know what to blog about is an understatement! A natural loner, and private person, I don’t talk about my personal life. I don’t want to bore blog readers with constant how to articles, or talk about what’s in the news, since I don’t have a clue what’s going on in the big ol’ world anyway. If you haven’t guessed, the news depresses me. I’d be a recluse in a heartbeat if I got the chance.
One day I intend to buy a little island and live a quiet existence. Yeah I know...I just told you personal stuff about myself. But I feel okay with that, cos it’s just a dream and we all have our dreamy images of the perfect life.
Mine is my little island somewhere in the tropics, where life never intrudes and I can write and write and read and write and swim and...mmmm, perfect bliss. Unfortunately, my husband and kids have a problem being imprisoned on an island with me. I can’t think why.
What’s your idea of your perfect reality? I can’t wait to hear...

Until next time, here's my love.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Autumn Goals

Where has the summer gone? I woke this morning to a distinct sense of autumn in the air. Soon the days will be short and night long and cold. The perfect setting for snuggling in my comfy executive chair and writing.

Autumn is also a time to review my writing goals. My new book—Divorce Etiquette—is on sale this autumn (November 18th) and I’m thrilled. But with the approaching release I’m conscious that I need to keep up a steady output of stories, and have been hard at work to do so.

This in mind, my autumn/winter goals are to compartmentalize my life so I give more time to my family. “Give me just one minute” is starting to lose its power. I have been neglecting my exercise routine also, so I really need to get back on some kind of exercise plan.

I’ve just finished writing More Than a Playboy and am planning to get Zach’s Rebound Girl done and out the door asap.

What are your autumn/winter goals?