Monday, January 6, 2014

Wk 6 ~ Monday Morsel of Lily & Justin Are Getting Married #amwriting #romancereaders #RomCom #eBooks #romance

It's that time of the week again. Here is this week's Monday Morsel of Lily & Justin Are Getting Married.

While I shall continue to post Monday Morsels of Lily & Justin, you'll probably notice the word count might not move for a bit. I'm currently working on edits for Zach's Rebound Girl, a friends to lovers romantic comedy mystery/suspense featuring Maddison (Maddie) del la Botella and Zach Canady. Stay tuned for more on Zach and Maddie later. In the meantime, enjoy a little more of Lily & Justin.

Lily & Justin Are Getting Married 

~ Monday Morsel ~
Week 6
(Life is perfect ... until the wedding plans begin!)

© Monique DeVere 2014
Crystal Swan Publications
All Rights Reserved

“Justin Michael Nathan Knight, you answer this phone right now.”

Caught up in a hot and heavy kiss with Lily, he would have ignored the answer machine if his mother hadn’t sounded mad enough to crawl down the line all the way from Napa Valley to London, England.

Lily dragged her mouth from his. Breathing ragged, cheeks flushed with desire, she pressed her palms against his chest as a stop signal.

“You should get that.”

Justin groaned, not caring that it came out heavy with frustration. His mother had lousy timing. But the use of his entire string of names got his attention. When his mum called him by every name he had, she meant business.

“I could phone her later.” He leaned in and nuzzled Lily’s neck as he inched the zipper on her cardigan lower. Her skin was warm and satiny and begged him to kiss every inch of her. 

He’d started getting Lily out of her clothes before they even exited the lift.

He’d started getting Lily out of her clothes before they even exited the lift. Having just returned home from Inverness, they were hardly through their apartment door—in fact, the door was still slightly ajar, left that way when he and Lily fell through seconds ago locked in a fire-starter of a kiss—when his mother’s vexed tone interrupted.

 “When did you plan on telling us you’re getting married?” Like a splash of cold water, his mother’s words soaked through his drunk-on-desire haze, and chilled him.

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