Friday, January 10, 2014

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I have to admit, I never know what to blog about. I'm not big on opening my life on the Internet, and I often feel I'm speaking to myself anyway. If you've visited this blog more than once, you might have noticed I recently disconnected the comments feature on this blog. 

To be honest, the lack of interaction was getting me down, and making me reluctant to blog. Now I've removed the choice for readers to comment, I feel somewhat better--freer, I guess. You can still contacted me by either clicking the Contact Me page above; via my website; or by email to

So, I thought I'd gas a bit about my latest decisions and my plans--book wise. You didn't think I was about to give you personal gossip, did you? :) 

You may or may not be aware that late last year I submitted a partial to Harlequin Mills & Boon's KISS line. Becoming a Mills & Boon author has been a dream of mine since I was eighteen. Trust me, it been a lot of years trying to get my foot in HMB's door. It took that long because I often sulked for a few months after each rejection: 4 rejections in total, and two revision letters. All in all, not bad. That it happened over twenty-five year span is pitiful! I know. But I have a couple of degrees, so not a complete waste of interruptions.

Anyway, last year I knew in my bones I'd finally cracked the illusive HMB formula--for want of a better word. I emailed my partial to Head Office and waited until the beginning of this year. I haven't heard a decision on the partial, but I no longer expect to.

Why? You ask?

Because I pulled the MS from Harlequin Mills & Boon a few days into the New Year. I've made a huge decision with regards to my writing career. I no longer wish to submit my book to publishing houses. From now on, I consider myself a full-fledged Independent Author. I like the freedom it gives me. I like that I can write whatever I like. And I like that I don't have to worry about guidelines. 

I have a shiny new book coming out this month. It's called Zach's Rebound Girl and is a full length novel. It's a saucy romantic comedy, mystery suspense. I shall be unvealing the cover very soon and posting chapter one over at my Facebook Fan page. If you are a fan of sexy romantic comedy mystery suspense and you like your read clean (ie no cussing and swearing or use of blasphemies), please Like my Facebook Fan Page where I'll be giving away FREE copies of the ebook once it's published. 

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Thanks for reading! 

Keep an eye out for more about Zach's Rebound Girl, Sexiest Eye Candy To Lust After, Lily & Justin Are Getting Married and You Don't Get Joe!: a Valentine's story I'm hoping to release by Valentine's.

Don't forget to pop back on Monday for Monday's Morsel of Lily & Justin Are Getting Married. I left them in the middle of a steamy session in order to get Zach and Maddie ready to make their appearance. I'm sure they can't wait for me to let them move things along!

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