Monday, January 13, 2014

Wk 7 ~ Monday Morsel of Lily & Justin Are Getting Married #amwriting #Novellines #Romantic #Comedy #eBooks #MondayMorsel

Welcome to this week's Monday Morsel of Lily & Justin Are Getting Married, a romantic comedy featuring the continuation story from More Than Friends

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Lily & Justin Are Getting Married 

~ Monday Morsel ~
Week 7
(Life is perfect ... until the wedding plans begin!)

© Monique DeVere 2014
Crystal Swan Publications
All Rights Reserved
He shouldn’t be this desperate for her, not when they’d made love last night and again this morning. From the first time he made love to Lily the night she came to his apartment—the night she'd offered to bop him on the nose for dumping her friend—he couldn’t get enough of this woman. And he still couldn't get enough—not now, not ever.
Each day that passed deepened his love and desire.
Making love with Lily freed him. When he was with her he didn’t have to hold back, didn’t have to keep his feelings in check. He loved her and couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life showing her how much. 
In every imaginative way.
Her hands tugged at his clothes, encountered buttons that wouldn’t cooperate. She tore her mouth from his.
“Jus, help me.”

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