Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Morsel of Lily & Justin Are Getting Married ~ Wk 5 #amwriting #romancereaders #RomCom #Books

Yay! It's Monday again. Time to chill out for a minute with this week's Monday Morsel of Lily & Justin Are Getting Married.

Lily & Justin Are Getting Married 

~ Monday Morsel ~
Week 5
(Life is perfect ... until the wedding plans begin!)

© Monique DeVere 2013
Crystal Swan Publications
All Rights Reserved

The hall wasn’t drafty, but it wasn’t as warm as the kitchen where they usually congregated. As he knew she would, Faith shepherded them to the kitchen. 
Bright and welcoming in shades of pistachio, avocado, taupe, and yellow, the multi-tone blend bathed the heart of the Harper house in colour and warmth, invited hours of fun conversation around the breakfast table. 
Two pairs of eyes focused on Lily. Ken raised the champagne bottle, while handing Faith the flowers as Lily and Justin pulled out chairs and sat at the table. 
"Is this for a celebration? Or shall I put it in the fridge until we have something to celebrate?"
"You can open it, Dad." Lily reached for Justin's hand across the table, closed icy fingers around his.
For a woman claiming to be excited about their news, she certainly frowned a lot.
"Well?" Faith unwrapped the flowers, stared over her shoulder as she blindly reached for one of the vases she kept in the cupboard beside the large fridge. "Are you going to tell us? Or keep us in suspense?"
Lily glanced at him and ... hesitated? 

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