Monday, December 23, 2013

Monique's Monday Morsel ~ Wk 4 #amwriting #romancereaders #RomCom

Lily & Justin Are Getting Married 

~ Monday Morsel ~
Week 4
(Life is perfect ... until the wedding plans begin!)

© Monique DeVere 2013
Crystal Swan Publications
All Rights Reserved

Julie tossed her head back and laughed. “I can totally imagine you on the slopes.” She made the swish-swish motion of a pretend skier.
Lily joined in the laughter as she lowered herself onto her cream leather high back executive chair. “If you picture me sliding head first down a half diamond slope, you’d be bang on.”
“I would have paid good money to see that.”
Julie dropped onto a chair in front of Lily’s desk. “So, I’m waiting.”
Lily unzipped her laptop bag and extracted her tablet and keyboard case. “For what?”
She withstood Julie's intense scrutiny for several seconds as she offloaded her paraphernalia from the bag.
“Oh my goodness!” Julie sprang forward. “Why didn’t I guess straight away? It makes perfect sense now I think about it." She swept her arms in a dramatic arc through mid air. "The glow ... the blissful smile ... the pretending not to know what I’m talking about. You’re pregnant!”

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  3. Great tease! I love this. Thank you for sharing. Love your site too!

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