Sunday, November 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 25/11/12 ~ DIVORCE ETIQUETTE #1

This Sunday's six comes from my contemporary romance. Divorce Etiquette is Michelle & Andrew's reunion story, published by The Wild Rose Press.

They're breaking every rule of divorce etiquette!
Sometimes, a whirlwind marriage doesn’t lead to happily-ever-after…Nor does a quickie divorce.

Turnaround expert Andrew Boston can turn any failing business into a huge success, but he couldn’t fix his marriage. A family tragedy left Andrew unable to commit to fatherhood, but he can’t let Michelle walk away. He’s determined to win her back and prove a relationship between the two of them can work perfectly well without bringing children into the equation…
Corporate lawyer Michelle Boston divorced Andrew two and a half years ago—and for good reason. She learnt a whirlwind marriage did not mean happily-ever-after. Nor, unfortunately, did a quickie divorce.

Especially when neither Andrew nor Michelle can stick to the first rule of divorce etiquette: no kissing! 

"I brought you something you forgot at the house this morning."

Michelle continued to frown as she ran through the few items she’d had with her yesterday—namely the clothes she’d been wearing, and she’d put them all back on.

Hadn’t she?

"Really?" She could barely bring herself to ask. "What’s that?"

"This." His warm lips covered hers.

Copyright (C) Monique DeVere 2009

This weekend DIVORCE ETIQUETTE is 35% off at The Wild Rose Press (TWRP)

Two Lip Reviews says: Divorce Etiquette is a well-written story that kept me riveted to its pages and I enjoyed the taste of England that Ms. DeVere provided so vividly. (Reviewed by Sal from Two Lips Reviews)

Thanks for stopping by to read my Six. Should this have whet your appetite for more, you can purchase Divorce Etiquette from:

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  1. Hmm...does she really want a divorce?
    Lot's of plot options.
    Nice six!

  2. He's a sneaky one. LOL This is delightful! I'm looking forward to reading more.

  3. Hi, FCEtier,

    LOL, this is them working their way back to each other... :)

  4. Hi, Donna,

    Yes, Andrew is a bit naughty, isn't he? :D

  5. Oooohhh...*tingles.* And this story has a GREAT title. ;c)

  6. Sneak attack! Like his style. This is a very fun six.

    1. Lol! I love your description...sneak :D

  7. Very sneaky indeed! I am not sure that Emily Post would approve. :)

  8. Fun excerpt. Such obvious chemistry.

  9. Awww...that was sweet! I wonder what will happen next! This is a great six! :)

    1. Thanks, Jane!

      I think Michelle might have a hard time resisting Andrew ;)

  10. Very sweet. Nice six.

  11. Smart guy with a fantastic response to her question :-) Very nice.

  12. Thanks so much for stopping by, Val & Virginia! :)

  13. Oh, nice! I loved his last line and that's sooo sexy. Great six, Monique. :)


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