Sunday, November 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday ~ 11/11/12 ~ More Than Friends #4

This week's six sentences is from my new rom-com, MORE THAN FRIENDS. Hope you enjoy the snippet! :)

“Justin, we can’t,” she said again. Her words said one thing, her action another. She continued to drive him crazy with her caressing hands and the way she rose on tiptoe and danced her hips against his arousal.

“Then make me stop, Lily, because I don’t think I know how to stop kissing you now I’ve started.”

She moaned and tugged at his shirt until he heard the telltale pop of stitching giving.

He slid his hands into her honey hair, framing her face with his palms. 

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  1. "framing her face with his palms."

    Imagery we can relate to.

    Great six!

  2. Excellent description in this. I can feel their need for each other.

  3. Is there anything sexier than ripping clothing? Well, what comes next, of course, but that's an AWESOME way to kick off things. Yummmmy six!

  4. She definitely doesn't want him to stop! This is a lovely, sensual description. Great six!

  5. Great six - I love characters who really need each other. Lovely imagery of him with his hands in her hair.

  6. Yep, her actions said a whole lot more than her words. Great six!

  7. Love how you moved from her ripping at his clothes while he's being gentle and framing her face in his hands. Sweet and sexy.

  8. I think they're both fighting a losing battle. Fun six, Monique. :)

  9. Hi, guys,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting on my Six!

    Hugs & have a great week!


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