Sunday, October 21, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 21/10/12 ~ More Than Friends #2

Being a free spirit I've decided to choose random parts of the story to showcase in six sentences, rather than follow on from the last scene which I posted last Sunday. Meaning, these six sentences are from a different part of the story.

Again, this Sunday's six comes from More Than Friends, my new sexy romantic comedy. It's Lily & Justin's friends to lovers story. 
He held her gaze, fascinated by the reflection of lights in the green depths.
“I’m only asking you to dance with me. Nothing else.”
What a lie! He wanted her in the worse way. He’d have to be dead below the waist to resist the sexy strip-me-naked-dress and do-me red heels.
“Come on, Lil. It’s just a dance...just one.”
Copyright Monique DeVere 2012

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  1. Really, these sentences aren't in order? They certainly read as if they are. I can't help wondering what a "strip-me-naked" dress looks like. :)

  2. Aaaaah, but save the last dance for me!
    Great six!

  3. Hi, Anastasia,

    Yes these sentences are all in order form the same scene--different part of the story. I just didn't follow on from the scene I posted last Sunday, that's all :)

    :) Thanks, FCEtier!

  4. I love the description of her eyes, and the way he contradicts himself. Love it

  5. Yum! What a great story this is. I loved it. I might go back and read it again just so I can savor it all.


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