Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Than a Playboy Has a Cover

I've told you about my latest rom-com, right? This one is called More Than a Playboy and is for The Wild Rose Press Sweetheart line. I know you've been waiting to see the cover--or is that just me? Regardless, here is my lovely new book cover!

 Isn't it fab? I just love it.

I suppose you want to know what the book is about? Yes? No? Either way, take a look at the blurb:

She has a shield...he has one too...and they’re both hiding secrets.

Serious-minded Sandy Donovan has one unbreakable rule—never fall for a rich playboy. Falling for a playboy destroyed her mother and ruined Sandy’s childhood. She’s determined never to let the same thing happen to her. Unfortunately, the only man to make her hormones sit up and take notice is a playboy who doesn’t know the first thing about taking life seriously.

A lonely, miserable childhood taught Cameron Berkeley-Scott to hide his feelings in humour, but his comic nature is pushing away the one woman he wants to draw near. She thinks he’s a playboy—a title he has no desire to have—and ignores his outrageous flirting.

Now it’s time for Cameron to show Sandy he isn’t the irresponsible pleasure-seeker she thinks—but will she run when she finds out who he really is?

Are you curious, yet? Would you like to have a sneak-peek at the inside? I'm such a pushover, here you go.


Cameron came up behind her, covering her shoulders with his jacket in a gesture so caring it forced the tears she’d been fighting, as she’d thought of her mum, to her eyes.

He didn’t remove his hands from her shoulders. “Why can’t you, Sandy?” he asked on a low voice snatched away by the breeze. If he weren’t standing so close, she would have missed his words. “I know you want me as much as I want you. We’ve been dancing around this attraction for three years and I’m ready to move to the next level.”

“There isn’t a ‘next level’. What we have can never go anywhere.”

He turned her to face him. “Why?”

She dropped her gaze to their feet. Her strappy red high-heels were only a couple of inches from his shiny black dress shoes. “Because it can’t.” Even to herself, she sounded defeated.

“It can’t or you won’t let it?”

She moistened her lips, raised her gaze back to his. “It’s the same thing.”

His eyes, dark with desire, dropped to her mouth. “I disagree.” He held her chin with one hand while his other hand gently stroked her cheek. “Can’t suggests something outside of your control stops you. Won’t implies internal conflict. Which is it, Sandy? What’s really stopping you?”

How could she tell him she had a father wound so wide and deep she feared she’d never heal enough to let any man in? Taking a deep breath, she said, “You are,”

His brows shot up. “Me?”

“You’re nothing more than a pretty-boy with daddy’s millions to play with. I can’t be with a man like you.”

Snaking an arm around her waist, he drew her against him. “You’re wrong, sweetheart. I’m so much more than that.” In a smooth move, Cameron dipped his head and settled his lips on hers.

Thanks for checking out More Than a Playboy. I'll let you know when I have my release date.

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  1. Monique,
    This is a great cover! Love your writing, can't wait to read the book.

  2. Love the cover, Monique! Never read the whole story, so I'm looking forward to enjoying it.

    Steph xxx

  3. Great cover, Monique! Congrats!!!

  4. Love the cover. It looks fantastic! Cant wait to read it.

    Rachel. xx

  5. ***
    Thanks! It is a lovely cover. My cover artist is a gem!



  6. Great cover! A good cover can do wonders for sales.

  7. Gorgeous cover, Monique. It's perfect!

  8. ***

    Thanks Chicki & April!

    I just love how Nicola got the gold leaf and marble from the book in the background.

    They say "never judge a book by its cover", but we know we all do.

    Thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate it.




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