Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brain Dominance

Right brain, left brain or both? Which are you?

I always knew I was right brained. But after taking Dr. Loren D. Crane Cognitive Style Quiz I've discovered I'm strong right brain.

I thought it might be fun to share Dr. Crane's quiz with you. If you don't know which dominate side of your brain you use, take the test and find out. It might help you to discover the best way you learn/make decisions/edit.

When you've taken the test don't forget to leave a comment and share your results.

Exercise – Cognitive-Style Quiz – Brain Dominance:

Choose the one sentence that is more true. Do not leave any blanks.

1. A It's fun to take risks.
    B I have fun without taking risks.

2. A I look for new ways to do old jobs.
    B When one way works well, I don't change it.

3. A I begin many jobs that I never finish.
    B I finish a job before starting a new one.

4. A I'm not very imaginative in my work.
    B I use my imagination in everything I do.

5. A I can analyze what is going to happen next.
    B I can sense what is going to happen next.

6. A I try to find the one best way to solve a problem.
    B I try to find different answers to problems.

7. A My thinking is like pictures going through my head.
    B My thinking is like words going through my head.

8. A I agree with new ideas before other people do.
    B I question new ideas more than other people do.

9. A Other people don't understand how I organize things.
    B Other people think I organize well.

10. A I have good self-discipline.
      B I usually act on my feelings.

11. A I plan time for doing my work.
      B I don't think about the time when I work.

12. A With a hard decision, I choose what I know is right.
      B With a hard decision, I choose what I feel is right.

13. A I do easy things first and important things later.
      B I do the important things first and the easy things later.

14. A Sometimes in a new situation, I have too many ideas.
      B Sometimes in a new situation, I don't have any ideas.

15. A I have to have a lot of change and variety in my life.
      B I have to have an orderly and well-planned life.

16. A I know I'm right, because I have good reasons.
      B I know I'm right, even without good reasons.

17. A I spread my work evenly over the time I have.
      B I prefer to do my work at the last minute.

18. A I keep everything in a particular place.
      B Where I keep things depends on what I'm doing.

19. A I have to make my own plans.
      B I can follow anyone's plans.

20. A I am a very flexible and unpredictable person.
      B I am a consistent and stable person.

21. A With a new task, I want to find my own way of doing it.
      B With a new task, I want to be told the best way to it.

To Score: Give yourself one point for each time you answered "A" for questions: 1, 2, 3,7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21.

Give yourself one point for each time you answered "B" for questions: 4 ,5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18. Add all points.

0-4 strong left brain
5-8 moderate left brain
9-13 middle brain
14-16 moderate right brain
17-21 strong right brain

Preferences of the Two Sides of the Brain

Description of the Left-Hemisphere Functions

—Constantly monitors our sequential, ongoing behavior
—Responsible for awareness of time, sequence, details, and order
—Responsible for auditory receptive and verbal expressive strengths
—Specializes in words, logic, analytical thinking, reading, and writing
—Responsible for boundaries and knowing right from wrong
—Knows and respects rules and deadlines

Description of the Right-Hemisphere Functions

—Alerts us to novelty; tells us when someone is lying or making a joke
—Specializes in understanding the whole picture
—Specializes in music, art, visual-spatial and/or visual-motor activities
—Helps us form mental images when we read and/or converse
—Responsible for intuitive and emotional responses.
—Helps us to form and maintain relationships

From The Alert Scale of Cognitive Style, by Dr. Loren D. Crane, Western Michigan University, 1989. Reprinted with permission.

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  1. Wow Monique,
    This is really fascinating. I am going to study the questions more fully, when I have caught up on my emails. Then do the test.


  2. ***
    Hi, Margaret,

    Isn't it fascinating to find out why we do the things we do?



  3. Well, I'm a moderate right brain. Good test Monique, this was fun and 'oh so true.' Although, I do wish I could tap into parts of the left-hemisphere functions as well. LOL.

  4. ***
    LoL! You and me both, Neecy :)



  5. I've always been dead center. It's a straddling-the-fence position I didn't relish in grad school! But, hey, it makes for excellent multi-tasking and global thinking. ;) Although, the left/right eye battle for dominance can really throw me for a loop sometimes. Especially with an astygmatism. Ugh! So, if you bump into me at a conference and I can't read your nametag, FORGIVE ME. I can't read nametags at conferences... But I love these tests! Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Awesome test, Monique...confirms what I'd always known. Like Skhye, I'm dead center (12) -- although in the other tests I've taken, it's been referred to as whole-brained. My saving grace when it comes to getting along with (and refereeing between) a very left-brained husband, two moderately right-brained daughters, and an extremely right-brained daughter! Thanks for posting!

  7. This was fun, Monique! It was hard, too. Sometimes I'm one way other times I'm not. So some of the questions I couldn't decide. lol But in the end, it turns out I'm in the middle. Go figger... lol


  8. Hi Monique--really cool! I scored 11, and that makes me middle-brained. It actually corresponds well to my Myers-Briggs personality type which I recently discovered is The Counsellor. I feel better now that I have proof I'm balanced :)

  9. ***
    Oh my! Look at all you whole brain people! I'm impressed, I didn't think I'll encounter quite so many. I'm beginning to wonder if the majority of society are whole brains, and the minority are left or right. I would have honesty believed that most creative people were right brain.

    Yet again, it turns out I'm odd...LoL

    Thanks for sharing, Skhye, darkangelauthor, Phyllis & Kaylea.

    I'd like to find out more about the Myers-Briggs personality type thing!



  10. It says I am moderate right brain. I got a 15. This was quite interesting, I've never taken a test like this before.

  11. I straddle the fence too Skhye. Somewhere in the middle!

  12. I'm middle-brained. No surprise for me! Most of the questions I wanted to choose both answers :-)

  13. ***
    Thanks for joining in the fun, everyone. I think I'll be delving further into this subject.The results aren't what I would have expected.


  14. ***
    Oh, that's cool, Chicki. Like me, you must daydream a lot and never read instructions:)




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