Sunday, May 31, 2009

Celebrate the Success

I used to daydream of celebrating the success of book contracts. In my head, I must have covered every area. You know the sort of thing. Throw a huge party with Champagne. Take off for the weekend to some romantic getaway—just hubby and I for a private celebration. The list goes on.

When I got the Email-Call from my editor, I realized I wanted to do none of the things I’d previously dreamed up. Instead, I wanted something that was tangible and would last a lot longer than Champagne or a romantic weekend. I wanted something unique that would remind me of the long years of hard work I had to put in before I finally made it.

I wanted something alive with beauty and character, like my books.

So, I started to pay attention to any potential celebration ideas. Then while buying some fantastic books from my publisher’s site, an idea clunked me over the head. The perfect celebratory souvenir would be to buy a Champagne rose bush! After all, Divorce Etiquette will be published under the Champagne line at The Wild Rose Press.

What’s more beautiful than flowers, and more tangible than a rose bush I get to tend and nurture the way I do my WIPs? Okay, I admit I may have a slight problem when it comes to the last-a-long-time part, since I tend to kill off plants by drowning the poor things. Come to think of it...that may be the reason hubby insisted on buying a book on how to care for roses! Prayfully, the two rose bushes can live a long and happy life now.
Yes, I did say two rose bushes. I couldn’t decide, so hubby bought both. Isn’t he sweet? They are Floribunda rose bushes. The first is a creamy apricot colour called Champagne Moment, which was voted Rose of the Year in 2006.
The second is called Champagne Cocktail. It's pale with splashes of carmine pink. Don’t know if you can see the hint of it on the first rose unfurling, but it’s beautiful.
Look carefully. You can see my rabbit, Jack, sampling the foliage to see if the Champagne Cocktail tastes as delicious as it sounds. Since I had to chase him off, I think he decided it did. Naughty Jack!

If you’ve been to my website, you’ll know I find it very fascinating that flowers have meanings. So, of course, I had to find out the meaning of my new roses.

Just in case you’re also intrigued by flower meanings, the Champagne rose symbolizes loveliness and “You are Tender.”

That works for me!

My question to you is this: how do you intend to celebrate your first sale? On the other hand, if you’ve sold and celebrated already, how did you choose to celebrate your transition from writer to author?

I would love it if you’d join me for a Champagne Cocktail while we share celebratory dreams, or even celebratory realities.

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  1. To be very honest, I didn't celebrate, well just in my heart. My DH at the time was convinced I was being taken by some company trying to scam me. I think if he sees me make some money he might see the light. Ha! When and if I get my second contract. That DH of mine is gonna take me out!
    The rosebushes are just beautiful! I like your idea and I may just go rosebush hunting! Very touching post, good luck with sales!!!

  2. Thank you, Mary!

    You make sure he gives you the pat-on-the-back you deserve. This is a hard business and success doesn't come easily. So when we finally get a slice of the pie, we should sing praises and celebrate.

    I'm sure you have many more slices of contract pies waiting for you to collect.


  3. Monique,

    First of all, I love your site. It's beautiful. And the trailer for Divorce Etiquette is great!

    My first book contract was with the Wild Rose Press for my Hoofbeats & Heartstrings series. I celebrated that first contract with sparkling apple cider chilling in a big ice bucket when my hubby and son came home. I had the contract all spread out and fancy champagne glasses.

    Recently I signed my first contract with White Rose Publishing. That contract was the most special to me because I've always wanted to write inspirational romance. Like you, I have a seriously black thumb. So, I found a lovely photo of a bouquet of white roses online and made it my screensaver. It's still on my computer and every time I see it, it reminds me of that first White Rose contract. I am also getting a new puppy next month (my empty nest puppy - sniffle, sniffle). And I am naming her after the puppy in Cup of Joe, my first White Rose.

    I've gotten two other White Rose contracts since then. Now, every time I get one I buy myself a dozen white roses. (the first time I did that, my husband came home, saw them and said "Wow, that was really thoughtful of yourself." LOL)

    We need to celebrate these contracts. We work long and hard for them!!!

    Blessings, Teri

    Teri Wilson ~ Romancing the pet lover's soul

    Coming soon from White Rose Publishing:

    Once Upon a Collar & Cup of Joe

  4. What a beautiful site you have here. I love it. So beautiful!!!

  5. Congratulations Monique! I hate I never got to read it in the RAH crit group, but hey, now I'll just have to buy a copy of Divorce Etiquette. LOL!

  6. Thanks a lot, ladies.

    LOL, Teri. That sounds like something my hubby would say! My favourite dog is the Cavalier King Charles! Cup of Joe makes me want to buy it just for the sweet puppy on the cover! I'm hoping to get one soon--puppy, that is...come to think of it, can't wait for my next cover either.

    Catherine ~ Thank you. Can't be a "New Rose" without a garden, right?

    Patricia ~ Sorry you missed DE. But, I'll be ecstatic if you bought a copy! :)

    God bless x


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