Saturday, February 8, 2014

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As promised, here is an excerpt from my new Valentine's Day story. Hope you enjoy this snippet of You Don't Get Joe! which will be on sale February 11th 2014.


You Don't Get Joe!
Copyright © 2014 Monique DeVere
Published by Crystal Swan Publications
United Kingdom
All rights reserved.

He carried her to her room, torn between wanting to hurry and get her soft body out of his arms yet yearning to hold her close for a while longer. With her honey-blonde hair, sassy smile, and wide chestnut eyes he had a tough time not falling for her all over again.
He laid her on the bed atop the covers. What was it about her that tangled his emotions? She was just a woman. There were a billion of them out there, so why her?
As he attempted to pull back, Robyn clung.
Man, that soft husk was too much for him to take so soon after holding her in his arms for the five minutes it’d taken him to ease her out of the car and carry her—surrounded by her light sexy perfume—to her room.
“Yeah?” He tried to unhook her arms from around his neck, but she wouldn’t comply.
“Kiss me.” She exhaled a slow, shattered breath.
Everything in Joe stilled. Even the atmosphere in Robyn’s room paused.
It was the jet lag talking. He knew this, and should walk away. So why couldn’t he make his feet move? And why was fastening his lips to Robbie’s the only prominent thought in his mind?
“You don’t mean that.”
“Yes, I do.” Her soft reply prodded at his self-control, close to poking a hole right through. “I’ve wanted it all evening.”
Oh, man!
He wanted it, too. Did that make him pathetic? But he couldn’t kiss her. This was Robbie—the one woman he wanted. Joe wasn’t entirely sure he’d be able to stop once he started.
“Just one, Joe.” 


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