Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#RomCom More Than a Playboy--Re-release Cover Unveiled!

Recently, I got back the rights for More Than a Playboy and I am happy to say I'm going to be re-releasing it next week!

It's a Cinderella story about Sandy Donovan, a woman with one unbreakable rule—never fall for a rich playboy! and Cameron Berkeley-Scott, a playboy who just might be a whole lot more. You might be interested to know that I've taken More Than a Playboy from sweet ;)

To whet your appetites a little, I'm revealing the new cover today!

I'll post an excerpt tomorrow!

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  1. Did you do the cover yourself? It looks great. Congrats!

  2. Hi, Celeste,

    Crystal Swan created the cover. I'm thrilled with it! :D

    I can send you their contact details, if you wish.


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