Monday, August 16, 2010

Heard From HMB

Well it's been a while since I sent the requested complete MS of Zach's Rebound Girl (aimed at HMB's Modern Heat series) to Harlequin Mills & Boon. To say I fully expected an instant reject would be putting it calmly!

I heard from the Modern Heat senior editor last week and to my immense surprise, she gave me wonderful feedback, mentioned that if I revised Zach's Rebound Girl,  she would be happy to assess it again!

I'm juiced and petrified all at once! Afraid to make a wrong choice and excited to finally get so close to a contract offer from Harlequin Mills and Boon. If I manage to get my secondary characters under control, fix the things the editor suggested and am offered a contract, it would be a twenty-year-long dream come true. 

Twenty years sounds like a long time when I look at it but, in reality, Zach's Rebound Girl is only the fifth MS I've subbed to HMB--I pouted a lot and for a long time between each rejection! My advice to any writer targeting a specific market? Don't get so disheartened that it takes you over twenty years to reach the same place many authors do in two, three or six years.

Pouting is bad!!

To begin with, after reading the revision letter several times, I couldn't settle on the right direction for ZRG. I mean, cut the secondary character scenes and you have to change quite a bit of the story's direction.

I think I have a handle on where I'm taking Zach and Maddie now so my head doesn't hurt half as much any more.

Thanks for dropping by, I'm off to duck back into revision mode.

Will continue to keep you posted on the Zach's Rebound Girl journey.

Bye for now x
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  1. Congratulations Monique!!! That's such exciting news. I can almost here the whisper of those contract pages now!

  2. Hey Monique, such great news and I have no doubt they'll be snapping it up quicker than a quick thing when you get it back into them :-)

  3. Ah, Lacey,

    From your lips to God's ears :) Thanks for the positive words.

  4. Thanks, Cait.

    Oh but to dream... :)

  5. Fantastic! Get to work on those revisions and re-submit.

    Did you get a copy of my book yet? Have You Seen Her? is in the UK store! It's only $2.99 USD.

    Chicki Brown


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