Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update on Megyn

Just a quick update on Meggie. We are about halfway through her maintenance before we start another seven-week block of  intensive chemo.

In this photo she has about two weeks of hair growth this time around. By the time we hit the end of this phase she will have a good bit of hair. Unfortunately, she'll lose it all again and it won't start to regrow until she comes off the intensive block of chemo.

By mid August she should be finished with all her intensive chemo and will spend the rest of her two and a bit years of treatment on a maintenance plan. This consists of chemo, but nothing like what she's been through or is about to go through again.

It is no exaggeration to say Meg is an extremely brave little girl. None of this has made her lose her faith. There isn't a day she doesn't smile or giggle even when she's in pain.

Thank you all of you who has emailed to ask about her and send your love. She tells me to give you all back her love and cuddles.

Love & hugs to all from Meggie, and from me.

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  1. Keep those spirits up & you are in my thoughts... :)

  2. Best of luck for the next round of chemo. Such a brave and beautiful little girl. Sending lots of positive energy her way.
    Love those photos, Mon. They're gorgeous.

    Big hugs to both of you,
    Cathie (S) xxx

  3. Always in my thoughts and prayers.
    Such a beautiful photo, Monique!
    Take care and stay strong.

  4. Thank you, April! Long time no hear...Hope you, hubby, and the kiddies are well.

    Hugs x

  5. You know we're praying for her. God is in control.

  6. Can't manage to find the right words here, after reading this blog.
    Your always in my prayers,and thoughts.


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