Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Book Contract

Have you ever noticed how good intentions go to pot before the ink even dries on the paper? I had serious intentions of regular blogging, but somehow one week blended into another and I never seemed to find the time to blog.

Anyway, I do apologise for the sporadic effort. Must try harder, right? lol.

I have two bits of news I'd like to share. One is I finally managed to send off my requested complete MS to HM&B--yay! Will let you know the outcome. And my second piece of news is I've just been offered a contract from The Wild Rose Press for Let's Pretend, one of my Novellas (still waiting to hear the outcome for More Than a Playboy). I will of course keep you posted on further news--the cover, release dates etc.

Yes I'm excited, but at the same time I'm having a bit of a confusing time. Do I target my next two romances at HM&B or do I write them for TWRP.

Decisions, decisions...

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  1. Many congrats on your latest contract! Fab news! xx

  2. Enormous congrats on your new contract, Monique!!! YAY!!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for your HM&B sub, but your words will speak for themselves anyway.
    Also I’ve just voted at You Gotta Read for DE. You’re tied for first place at the moment! Good luck!
    And, oh, boy, do I hear you on the blogging : )

  3. ***

    Thanks, girls!

    April, Your new book is due out soon, isn't it? Exciting stuff.




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