Tuesday, December 1, 2009

19 Year Wedding Anniversary

It's my and hubby's wedding anniversary today! Nineteen years. I can't believe it. Where did the years go? It only feels as if we got married yesterday. That has to be a good thing, don't you agree?

I've been asked how we did it. Let me see if I can break it down: Here is 19 reasons:

1. Dave is totally left brain and I am completely right brained ~ between the two of us, we have one brain -- hahaha.
2. As a deeply creative person, I need a lot of ego-stroking. Dave has perfected this fine art form over the years.
3. He is my best friend.
4. He is still as cute as he was at sixteen when I fell for him.
5. He is sweet, and yet an Alpha male.
6. He is a great dad.
7. Almost forgot, he's a great husband too.
8. He's clever.
9. He is a fantastic lov--um...guy (cheesy grin, telling wink)
10. He's perfected the ability to read my mind. Amazingly, he knows what I mean by, thingy, bit, the thing, on the side, the whatsit, "ah, you know what I mean", and "what was I going to say?"
11. He surprises me with little treats like a McDonald's Hot Apple Pie when I really would love one. Sometime I whinge about it when I've just started a diet--you know the one, it starts every Monday and only lasts half-a-day :)
12. He records programs he knows I'd like. 
13. After twenty-two years together, he still can't keep his hands off me. Nor I him.
14. He let's me be me!
15. He is everyone of my Heroes. All of my strong, sweet, clever, Alpha hero are based on my beloved Dave.
16. He's never jealous.
17. He keeps me from jumping into my impulsive decisions.
18. He makes me laugh even when I'm in the middle of a hissy fit.
19. He loves me beyond reason, and that's the way I love him too!

So there you go. 19 reasons for 19 years as to why we're still so deeply in love after all this time.     
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  1. Happy 19th Anniversary, Mon & Dave. I hope you had a small celebration in style. ;-)

    Hugs, Steph xxx


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