Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Perfect Life

Hello beloved visitor!
I’ve been lax lately with my blog entries. To say I never know what to blog about is an understatement! A natural loner, and private person, I don’t talk about my personal life. I don’t want to bore blog readers with constant how to articles, or talk about what’s in the news, since I don’t have a clue what’s going on in the big ol’ world anyway. If you haven’t guessed, the news depresses me. I’d be a recluse in a heartbeat if I got the chance.
One day I intend to buy a little island and live a quiet existence. Yeah I know...I just told you personal stuff about myself. But I feel okay with that, cos it’s just a dream and we all have our dreamy images of the perfect life.
Mine is my little island somewhere in the tropics, where life never intrudes and I can write and write and read and write and swim and...mmmm, perfect bliss. Unfortunately, my husband and kids have a problem being imprisoned on an island with me. I can’t think why.
What’s your idea of your perfect reality? I can’t wait to hear...

Until next time, here's my love.
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  1. My perfect life would be living with the man I love, each day serving God. I'd love the desert island too, but my kids would get bored, so maybe just visting there every few weeks :)

  2. Hmm, my perfect life...that's a good question! I'd have four kids with my lovely husband, a writing contract, and spend half my year out hiking the wilds around the world and the other half safe and warm in my lovely country house, with horses and all my extended family. Oh happy sigh! (Not quite sure where the four kids fit in with hiking around the world but in an ideal world, that wouldn't be a problem) Oh happy sigh xoxo

  3. My perfect life would be similar to yours - spent reading & writing. Maybe taking a few walks in the hills or on the shores of a loch or the sea.

    Not the tropics for me, though. Happy in the wilds of Scotland or Sweden. Cats would love it, too, but hubby would be bored. He needs his city fix. ;-)

  4. That island sounds perfect for me, lol. The kids and hubby would love it too since they're very much sea, swimming and scuba-diving fans. But, big but here, that little house on the beach would need Internet access and a satellite dish to keep me sane and the kids out of my feet respectively! Then I'd write and read to my heart's content!

    Who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to afford a seaside bungalow...



  5. Those are some good answers!

    Maggie ~ Sounds like you're already living your perfect life!

    Karen ~ I have four kids and one granddaughter. My two eldest have left home. I'm waiting for the last two to go before I hunt out my little island. I like your country house idea, though. Some of those things come with enough land to make you feel like you're on your own island!

    Steph ~ Scotland or romantic, you!

    Z ~ It's been a while, great to see you here! Big hugs. Just thinking of all that warm, blue ocean water, the swimming and scuba-diving makes me want to take a vacation! I know what you mean about the satellite connections. Who could live without them! lol.

    Thanks, for stopping by, girls.

    Huge hugs :)

  6. Perfect life? Just when you think you have it something goes wrong! I wouldn't mind the idyllic island for a while but I'd definitely need a boat to get me to the mainland and my friends regularly! And of course get them all to me! I love being surrounded by family, friends - any loved ones. Having wonderful meals around a large dining room table filled with candles, good food and lots of laughter!

    As long as I get that regularly my life is perfect!

  7. How lovely, Amanda!

    Family, love, and laughter are always great ingredients for a perfect existence!



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