Friday, September 4, 2009

Autumn Goals

Where has the summer gone? I woke this morning to a distinct sense of autumn in the air. Soon the days will be short and night long and cold. The perfect setting for snuggling in my comfy executive chair and writing.

Autumn is also a time to review my writing goals. My new book—Divorce Etiquette—is on sale this autumn (November 18th) and I’m thrilled. But with the approaching release I’m conscious that I need to keep up a steady output of stories, and have been hard at work to do so.

This in mind, my autumn/winter goals are to compartmentalize my life so I give more time to my family. “Give me just one minute” is starting to lose its power. I have been neglecting my exercise routine also, so I really need to get back on some kind of exercise plan.

I’ve just finished writing More Than a Playboy and am planning to get Zach’s Rebound Girl done and out the door asap.

What are your autumn/winter goals?

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