Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Next Step In Learning To Write Fast

To follow through with my great endeavours to write faster, I've signed up to Candace Havens' Fast Draft and Revision Hell which starts on May 14. She promises to teach us how to write a complete first draft in two weeks--Yikes!

I'll keep you posted...
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  1. Monique---I've signed up for Fast Draft---which I heard about right here. I'm excited and nervous. I promise not to blame you.

    BTW---I read Let's Pretend last night and loved it. Very fun and just the right length for bedtime reading. How many words is it?

  2. Hi, Sue,

    LOL! I'm glad you signed up. I hope it helps. It made me work today when I wanted to slack off. :)

    I'm pleased you enjoyed Let's Pretend. Thanks for letting me know. It was just over 20k, I think.

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  4. Hey Monique---I'm really getting a lot done w/Fast Draft. How about you?

  5. I know, Sue! How fab is Candy??!! I can't believe how much my writing has sped up. I can't tell you how many years I've tried to shut my IE up! It's very liberating to write without the internal editor's constant nagging. I'm so happy to hear you're getting lots done! We should team up :)

  6. Would love to know more about writing fast. Have you got any tips you can share? Or where I can get more info? Thanks

    Great blog!

  7. Hi, Jen,

    This is a subject I've become fixated on the last few months, and I think I've finally hit on a way that works. I'm going to do a blog post on it in a few days, giving all the info I've discovered.

  8. Fab, looking forward to it. Have churned out just 6000 words in the last two days. I really need to up the speed but keep the quality.

    It's not easy is it!

  9. Hi Monique, just found this article which might interest you although I suspect you probably know most of this stuff!

  10. Thanks, Jen!

    I interviewed this author for my Fast Writing series:)


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