Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Scary Beast Called Book Marketing

With four months to go until my little girl is finally finished chemo I find myself looking at my writing career once again. It was in 2009 that Meg was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Needless to say the diagnosis totally turned my priorities on its head. Before that, I had a great plan--which fell by the wayside for the last two years.

Now I can see light at the end of the long chemotherapy tunnel I realise life will soon return to normal...what's that again? Before I know it, she'll return to school fulltime and back to her independent self which will leave me free to get some serious work out into the world.

And with that comes the need to market. I am the world’s worst self-promoter. As an introvert I always feel vain talking about my books and operate under the belief that people will somehow happen upon my books, read the excerpts and of course buy the books--cos, well, after all...they're is every other books out there, right?

Since this belief system hasn't worked for me up to now, I've decided I need to learn how to market my books and myself. I've been learning lots from Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn. This woman is amazing in her diligence in providing the information she has for writers. Right now, she is my number one resource and I absolutely love her! She has tons of audios on her site, which works for me since it allows me simply to listen rather than having to read hundreds of posts. Did I mention I love her?

If you get a chance, pop over to The Creative Penn. You won't regret it.

On the other hand, if you have any great marketing advice you wouldn't mind sharing with me, please leave a comment. Thanks :)

NOTE: The links take you away from this site. If you pop out to visit Joanna, please pop back here and leave a comment. I'd really appreciate it--thanks again.

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  1. One of the funniest marketing schemes I tried was to post my first novel, Between Two Worlds, on ebay for auction... as a signed copy by me, the author. Surprisingly, the book, about being gay and Amish, received more than 50 clicks and five people bid on it. The winner paid $1.99. LOL! But hey, free marketing, right?

  2. Blessings and Prayers to your daughter Meg. I know what she's going through ---as I had Leukemia when I was a child. Wishing her a complete recovery.

    One of my best Marketing ideas has been to offer 2 Free Short stories to Readers that are Sequels to my first book TEMPTATION UNLEASHED. Ive had some Readers tell me they hadnt read T.U. but did AFTER they read the 2 Free Reads. Its not a "brilliant" marketing idea, but its one thats helped me along the way....

    hugs, Kari Thomas,

  3. I'm glad your daughter is feeling better.

    I, too, am terribly shy and find marketing my novel to be daunting at times. I'd like to blame my mother - She always told my brothers and sisters and I that no one likes a person who brags. Well, if I want anyone to buy my book, I have to brag, because well, it's a great, wonderful book (Of Course.) LOL.

    I don't have any marketing tips to share but wanted to thank you for the information about Joanna Penn and The Creative Pen. I hadn't heard of it before and will definitely check it out.

  4. Hi, Shelter,

    Nice to meet you. What a great idea. I would've never thought to do something like that. Very clever! :)

  5. Thank you so much for your blessings and prayers, Kari! So lovely to meet you. I prayer you are totally well now.

    Your idea sounds fab. I've got a couple of free reads here and at my web site. The trouble is I never seem to get noticed!

  6. How do you do, Katherine? So lovely to meet you.

    I've found Joanna site to be amazing help. I'm sure you too will be impress with the wealth of information she has on her blog.

  7. Since I'm newly published, or will be very soon, I was hoping you'd have ideas for me! LOL And you have, so thanks. I didn't want to just skulk off without telling you I'm so glad to hear your little girl and you will both be returning to normalcy soon. I'll be saying a prayer the transition is a smooth one.

  8. Hi, Mackenzie!

    Glad you found the post helpful. Thanks for prayer for Meg. It means so much to us that so many people have kept her in their prayers these last two years.

    BTW I love your name. The name of the heroine in one of the novels I'm currently working on is Mackenzie (Kenzie).

    Thanks for leaving a comment!


  9. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's battle with leukemia. I hope she makes a full and complete recovery.

    My sister and brother both had leukemia. My brother had two types and my sister had one. It's scary having a loved one with the disease, but fortunately both are now in remission.

    The only thing I can suggest you do to help promote your work is ran a contest, but offer something other than your book. You want to sell it, not give it away.


  10. Thanks for the warm wishes, Janice. Your poor parents! I'm happy to hear both your siblings are fine now. Thank God medical science has come a long way!

    Contest is a good idea. I wonder how many people are interested in them, though.


  11. Ahh, bless that little one. I'll keep her in my prayers.
    Publishing Penn is a great site...
    Thanks for the tip!

  12. Hiya, Neecy,

    Thanks for stopping by. I'll be sure to check out the site!

    Hugs x


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