Friday, August 5, 2011

Free Read Romance Story


It's the middle of the year and I suddenly realized it's been ages since I last gave away a story. I LOVE-LOVE free reads, I'm sure you do too. Free anything and I'm there. My two eldest kids have made it a joke. One will say to the other, "What's mum's favourite price?" And they'd croon in unison "Freeeeeee." Yes, it's very my expense. But nonetheless true!

To my way of thinking, EVERYBODY likes *free*. So I've beavered away this week and came up with a lovely romance story for you. It's a best friend story about finally taking that step. Sometimes you just have to be ditched at the altar in order to discover that the person who's been there for you through it all... wants you forever!

I've also put up my first free read story. You can download both of these stories by clicking the link to my Free Reads page just above my blog posts.

Please look out for other stories. I hope to add to my collection of Free Reads in the coming months.

Thanks for stopping by!

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