Saturday, October 16, 2010

Heroes in the Making

Every Friday Morning my youngest, Megyn, goes swimming with her school. Since her treatment makes her tired and her legs hurt, I get to drive her to the swimming pool, then back to school.

The class has only been attending swimming lessons for a handful of weeks and I'm happy to say Meg has come a long way. At the beginning, she wasn't very confident. And most certainly didn't like putting her face under the water.

If you've watched you little ones learning to swim you may have notice the couch spends a little while throwing weighted rings into the water then encourage the children to dive underwater to collect the rings from the pool floor. 

It was while I was watching this part of the lesson a couple of weeks ago that I noticed something so sweet and heart-warming it melted me. One of Meggie's classmates, a cute little boy, noticed she was hesitating to duck beneath the water's surface. I could see him gazing at her while she surreptitiously maneuvered so she could pick up the ring with her toes.

The part that really touched me was: the instant the couch turned her back the little boy dove down, collected a couple of rings and handed one to Meg!

Isn't that just the sweetest thing? Great future hero potential, wouldn't you say?

I don't know whether you agree, but that made me think all isn't lost with this world of ours just yet! So what about you? Have you encountered any little heroes in the making lately?
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  1. It's wonderful that Megyn is staying active. This is such a sweet story, and yes, there are still lots of kind, considerate, great people out there. Thank God!

  2. That's was my comment above. My daughter was still signed into Google ...

  3. Absolutely great hero potential, Monique, I'd say. It just warms the heart and pleases the mind. I'm glad Megyn is doing well!

    I have my own little hero story. Whenever I least expect it, I'm the parent chosen to accompany the second graders on their school excursion. How lovely for me when the coolest boy in the second grade class saved a seat in the school bus for me right next to him - my very own son! I managed to contain all the kisses and hugs for when I got home because I knew his friends would tease him somewhat :) What a hero he is!

    I hope you're well, dear friend.

  4. Chicki,

    I agree with you. But when you look at the hate, pain, and lawlessness in this world, it becomes so easy to forget there are super folk around. :)

  5. April,

    Aww. Your son sounds such a sweetheart. I'm impress with your restraint! I can never resist the public squeezey-hugs and kisses in reaction to my kids sweet actions.


  6. Aww he is a little hero isn't he? That's just warmed my heart so much. Thanks for sharing Monique :)

  7. I know, Lacey.

    It totally warmed my heart too!



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