Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Reason

My blog posts are more sporadic than I would like. Who wants to be a once-on-an-occasion blogger, right? But that's unfortunately been the case since my Meggie got ill.

A couple of weeks ago, she caught mumps. This week we began the second and last block of intensive chemo. After this, she'll still be having chemo for the next two years but it wouldn't be as intense.

I have to say, I am having a hard time torn between trying to market my books--which, sadly I hardly do--and being completely there for Meg. When I'm writing I feel guilty, and when I'm not I feel guilty. How is it possible to have so much guilt?

For the moment I'm pulling back on the amount of time I spend on the Internet, which will more than likely kill my sales. But I'm sure there will be a day when I can look back on these years without beating myself up too badly.

The point is: Megyn! Without her my life would be pointless. And really, she and my other three are the reason my life makes sense.

I have to remind myself of this cos, right now, I feel as though I'm letting my writing career down. I wonder: is there such a thing as a supermum? And if so, can someone tell me how to attain this amazing status?

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  1. No such thing as supermum - all we can do is our best. Massive hugs on the guilt - just try to let it go - everything has its season - and in a while you'll be able to devote more time to the writing... you're not letting yourself or your writing down by being there for those you love.
    Take care,

  2. I think I'm going to faint!!! I'm gushing like a teenager. One of my FAVOURITE authors commented on my post AND gave me great advice! Thanks Natalie, I'll keep your wise words in mind.

    Thanks loads for stopping by.

    Hugs x

  3. In MHO, I think you've earned the title "Supermom", Awesome Author, True Friend, Great Mentor, and fifty thousand others. You've left your mark in the romance world, and your fans won't forget you. God Bless, give Meg a hug from me. Keep us posted as much as possible.
    Air Hugs,

  4. Oh, Monique, to me you are a true heroine. I'm humbled by your strength as a mother, by your pure talent as an author, and by your true graciousness as a friend. You are amazing!

  5. When you stand before Jesus, He's not going to ask, "How many pages did you write?" He is concerned about the love we show to others, and you are a Super Mom because you love your kids with your heart and soul! I'm praying for your strength and for Megyn's total recovery.

  6. Thank you, my wonderful friends! I am touched by your kind words and support. Okay, I admit it: you made me tear up.

    Somehow I feel much better now... :)

    Giant hugs to each of you x

  7. Hey Monique, I agree with the others. You are amazing. And so is Meg.

    Hope she is feeling better soon!

  8. Thank you, Martha,

    My baby is a gem.

    Hugs x

  9. It sounds to me as if you are a Super Mum. Take care.

  10. I have to agree with Leigh--you're already there. Parenting is a 24-hour job PER CHILD in addition to everything else a mom does. Pat yourself on the back, Monique. You're a mom of four, homemaker, caregiver AND multi-pubbed author. I truly believe each of us is exactly where we're supposed to be in God's plan--that means you're exactly where you're supposed to be today as a parent and relative to all the other hats you wear! I am inspired!

    Joanna Aislinn
    The Wild Rose Press


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